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Head Quarters

Gibson Engineering Company, Inc.
90 Broadway
Norwood, Massachusetts 02062
(781) 769-3600
Fax (781) 769-8455

Branch Office

Gibson Engineering Company, Inc.
208 West State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08608-1002
(800) 875-9915

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If you would like to get in touch with us directly via email, please use the form below. If you would like to be contacted by someone from our engineering team about assistance for an upcoming project, please use the form on our “Request a Quote” page.

We invite new customers to contact us or submit your information to get started today!

Management Team

Joseph O’Brien                                 Tel: 781-352-1201

Daniel O’Brien                                  Tel: 781-352-1220

Casey Tincler                                    Tel: 781-352-1240
Director of Finance & Systems

Robert MacDonald                          Tel: 781-352-1221
Director of Sales & Marketing

Alfred Armin                                    Tel: 781-352-1210
Director of Engineering

Joe Nolan                                           Tel: 781-352-1226
Operations Manager

Sales Team

Robert MacDonald                          Tel: 781-352-1221
Director of Sales & Marketing

Scott Reid                                          Tel: 781-352-1229
Business Unit Manager

Sean Merrick                                    Tel: 781-352-1223
Senior Automation Engineer – Central Massachusetts

Joshua Spaulding                          Tel: 781-352-1216
Automation Engineer – Boston & Northern Massachusetts

Jonathan Robichaud                     Tel: 781-352-1222
Automation Engineer – Western Massachusetts & Eastern Connecticut

Lou Tevanian                                 Tel: 781-352-1230
Manager of Strategic Accounts Robotics Specialist – Maine & Coastal New Hampshire

Chris Ouellette                                 Tel: 781-352-1236
Automation Engineer – New Hampshire & Vermont

Jeremy Lindeman                       Tel: 781-352-1225
Applications Engineer

Brian Taylor                                    Tel: 781-352-1205
Mitsubishi Automation Specialist

Harley Green                                  Tel: 781-352-1203
Pneumatic Automation Specialist

Ryan Steczak                                  Tel: 800-875-9915  x227
Sr. Automation Engineer – Southern NJ, PA, MD & DE

Keith Cray                                       Tel: 781-352-1237
Automation Engineer – Northern NJ & NY

Daniel DiModugno                    Tel: 631-260-3077
Automation Engineer – Long Island, NY

Brandon Lewis                            Tel: 914-559-2368
Automation Engineer – Southwestern Connecticut & Hudson Valley NY

Jonathan Weiss                          Tel:781-352-1224
Automation Engineer – Rhode Island & South Shore MA

Gavin McDermott                     Tel: 781-352-1212
Automation Sales Engineer

Ryland Stevens                          Tel: 781-352-1212
Automation Sales Engineer

Inside Sales Team

Steve Diflaminies                            Tel: 781-352-1206
Manager of Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving

Susan Sabin                                   Tel: 781-352-1208
Customer Service Representative

Jason Plaud                                    Tel: 781-352-1209
Customer Service Representative

Sean Brodeur                                   Tel: 781-352-1219
Customer Service Representative

Brett Concannon                            Tel:781-352-1235
Inside Sales Engineer


Technical Support

Peter Bedard                                   Tel: 781-769-3600
Senior Application Engineer

Bryon Sol                                      Tel: 781-769-3600
Automation Engineer

Ish Halliday                               Tel: 781-352-1228
Application Engineer – Vision

David Miller                                Tel: 781-352-1231
Application Engineer

Hunter Sawyer                            Tel: 781-769-3600
Mechanical Engineer

Gibson Engineering Solutions

Alfred Armin                                   Tel: 781-352-1210
Director of Engineering

Cindy Barrett                                  Tel: 781-352-1215
Senior Manufacturing Support Representative

Jason Robichaud                            Tel: 781-352-1207
Design Engineer

Jacob Bazirgan                                 Tel: 781-352-1204
Controls Engineer

Mike Keidan                                    Tel: 781-769-3600 x260

Dy Rann                                          Tel: 781-769-3600 x260

Ed Vieira Jr.                                    Tel: 781-769-3600 x260

Ed Vieira III                                     Tel: 781-769-3600 x260



Steve Diflaminies                           Tel: 781-352-1206
Manager of Customer Service, Shipping & Receiving

Jim Wakeman                                   Tel: 781-769-3600 x261

Erik Panikian                                    Tel: 781-769-3600 x261



Casey Tincler                                  Tel: 781-352-1240
Director of Finance & Systems

Susan McCoy                                  Tel: 781-352-1243
Assistant Controller

Sonya M. Harrison                        Tel: 781-352-1244
Credit & Collections

Sakti Calabria                                 Tel: 781-352-1241
Accounting Assistant, Support Staff

Stacey Kimmett                             Tel: 781-352-1242
Business Assistant

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