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Data Commander MES Gateway Appliance

September 25th, 2017 · No Comments · Controls & Visualization

Move data between factory floor machines and Enterprise/IT level databases without a PC

DataCommanderThe Data Commander™ is an MES gateway appliance replacing PCs and OPC middleware on the factory floor for connecting factory automation with database servers. It is designed as industrial hardened firmware using point-and-click setup to deliver manufacturing intelligence in minutes versus days.

A high-speed, two-way gateway connection protects data integrity and isolates OT from IT networks.  Auto-enumerated Inserts, Updates, Selects, and Stored Procedure calls communicate directly to the database, and native drivers provide easy access to all PLC memory areas.

Cognex Insight Camera Systems
Keyence SR Series QR Scanners
Red Lion controllers and displays
Cardinal scales
Mettler-Toledo Scales
Vorne Andon Systems
Allen-Bradley PLCs
Mitsubishi PLCs
Omron PLCs
Generic TCP Devices
Custom ASCii / HTML / XML Interface
Data Servers
MS SQL Server

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