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High-end sensor for detecting flat or textured objects

January 28th, 2013 · No Comments · News, Sensors

SICK MultiLine sensor innovation
Two photoelectric sensors in one housing that combine logic evaluation intelligently with one another – the MultiLine sensor proves to be a high-end sensor in difficult situations for detecting flat or textured objects.

The special characteristic of the MultiLine sensor is the two parallel light lines, i.e. the compact W4 housing accommodates not one but two photoelectric sensors operating simultaneously. And “two eyes” detect better, particularly when objects, such as printed circuit boards have gaps or openings or if – in the case of blister packs or soup packets – they are exceedingly flat.

The MultiLine sensor facilitates faster production sequences since the distances between objects can be reduced. The sensor position no longer needs to be modified for format changes since the sensor is able to detect objects independently of their position. The reliable signal of the sensor from the arriving to the departing edge places less demands on the control software since it no longer needs to be debounced or evaluated. The MultiLine sensor offers high process reliability because all objects are detected independently of their structure, geometry and surface properties and placing the sensor into operation is as easy as pressing a button.