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IAI RCP6 ROBO Cylinders


IAI introduces a wide variety of product types are in the new RCP6 series, which also include wide slider types and wide radial cylinder types.

Allowable dynamic moment for the wide slider type is 14 times higher than the standard slider. Allowable torque on the rod type of the wide radial cylinder is 3 times higher than the standard radial cylinder.

Equipped with the High Resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard:

  • No battery maintenance is required because there is no battery
  • Since home-return is not required at equipment startup or after an emergency stop, this feature reduces operation time and production costs

IAI RCP6Improved Positioning Repeatability:

  • Standard Specification: ±10μm
  • High-precision Specification: ±5μm

Get a Quote buttonSelection of PowerCON® Compatible Controllers Is Available:

  • The RCP6 is compatible with PowerCON, the controller equipped with a high-output driver
  • The stepper motor achieves higher output, thanks to the PowerCON. This has reduced production cycle time, leading to improved productivity

RCP6S Actuator with Built-in Controller:

  • 16 axes of RCP6S at max. are available to connect from one gateway unit.

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