Gibson Engineering



Advanced Illumination Advantech Alpha Gear
Machine Vision Lighting,
Spot Lights Back Lights,
Linear Arrays                   
Industrial PC, Touch Panel PC
Industrial Touch Screens, Ethernet Switches, Programmable Automation Controllers 
Alpha Gear(Wittenstein)
Planetary Gear Reducers
Right Angle Gear Heads                    

Beijer Electronics CCS America Cognex
HMI Terminals
PC-Based SCADA Systems

LED Illumination for
Machine Vision Applications
Smart Camera Machine Vision Systems,
1D and 2D Data-matrix ID Readers, Intelligent Sensors

Danaher eWON Festo
Timers, Counters,
Panel Meters
PID Controllers  
Industrial Routers, Connecting Machines across the Internet       
         Electric Actuators, Servo and Stepper Motors, Industrial Network Remote I/O including Ethernet /IP Pneumatic Valves, Actuators, FRL Systems, Fittings & Tubing          

GAM Products Iconics Intelligent Actuator
High Precision
Gear Reducers,
Servo Couplings    
 Visual Intelligence Software
OPC Web-based HMI/SCADA Business Visuialization / Manufacturing Intelligence  
 Robotic Positioning Systems
Linear Servo Actuators/Controllers
Cartesian Coordinate & SCARA  Robots   


MagneMotion Mitsubishi Oriental Motors
 Modular Track, Programmable Alternative to Conventional Conveor Systems     PLC’s, HMI Terminals Motion Control, VFD’s, Servo Motors, Linear Servos, SCARA and Vertically Articulated Robots                 Linear and Rotary Actuators
and Controllers, Stepping Motors
and Drives, Brushless and
AC Motors, Gear Motors,
Cooling Fans 

Pepperl & Fuchs Quickdraw Red Lion
 Capacitive, Inductive, Photoelectric
& Ultrasonic Sensors, Encoders,
Cord Sets, Positioning Systems,
RFID, Industrial Monitors
and HMI Terminals, Barriers,
Purge Systems
Modular, Low-profile Conveyor Systems, Slip Roller Accumulation,
Edge-belt Drives
HMI Terminals, Digital Controllers
Panel Meters,  Encoders,
Signal Conditioners,
Process Controllers

Rethink Robotics RFID RobotUnits
 Adaptive Robots for Manufacturing Applications Radio Frequency
Identification Systems
Aluminum Extrusion for Guarding and
Safety Fence
Conveyor Systems     

Schmalz Schmersal Schneider
Vacuum Components for Automation, Ergonomic Handling Solutions, Efficient Clamping Technology          
Light Curtains, Safety Interlock Switches, Safety Relays and Controllers, Safety Mats, Edge Guarding, Cable Pulls   
Hyde Park Ultrasonic Sensors Telemecanique Photoelectrics RFID


Smart Vision Lights

STM Sensors

   Capacitive, Inductive, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors, 1D and 2D Data-matrix ID Readers, Safety Light Curtains, Switches, Relays and Controllers, Laser Measurement Scanners    Machine Vision Lighting     Miniature Photoelectric sensors, Frame Sensors, Fork Sensors, High Vacuum Rated Sensors, Liquid Sensors

 Tri-Tronics  Wago
 High-speed Photoelectric Sensors
Color Detection Systems, Registration,
Label & Luminescence UV Sensors
Fiber Optic Light Guides
  Modular Remote I/O Systems
PLC Industrial Fieldbus Modules including Etherent/IP
Terminal Blocks, Power Supplies, Ethernet Switches   
 * Not all products are available in all areas

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