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WISE Wireless IoT Sensing Embedded

Advantech WISE 400Advantech’s WISE (Wireless IoT Sensing Embedded) series are designed as sensing devices which use a wireless interface using the IoT framework. Wireless interface is the most popular because it reduces number of cables and speed of installation.

Advantech’s new WISE-4000 series utilize a Low-Power Wide-Area Network which provides better penetration capability, less interference and longer battery life. These remote modules leverage Wi-Fi, to provide high-performance modularized wireless sensor nodes that can be easily integrated into existing networks.

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UNO-1372G-J DIN-Rail PC

Advantech UNOThe UNO-1372G series is a ruggedized fanless automation PC . The DIN-rail mounting form factor is suitable to be used in control cabinet for industrial automation application.

UNO-1372G-J provides great expansion including 2 x Mini-PCIe (one supports mSATA option) and supporting Advantech’s latest iDoor technology. It has great expandability for wireless communication, I/O expansion and industrial protocols via iDoor technology.

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Automation Controllers & I/O

Automation Controller

Evolved from traditional programmable logic controllers, Advantech’s programmable automation controllers (PAC) APAX series is PC-based automation control platform designed for smart factories applications.

  • PC-based controller
  • Open development environment
  • Single platform with multi-disciplined functionalities
Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Advantech offers a wide range of human machine interface (HMI) products including Automation Panel PCs (TPC and PPC), Industrial Monitors (FPM) and Intelligent Operator Panels (WebOP). which are designed for segmented automation applications to be applied in different industries.

  • Support Advantech iDoor Technology
  • Designed for segmented automation applications
  • Flexible I/O configuration
Embedded Automation Computers

Automation Computers

Advantech’s offers a complete range of embedded automation computers with each series coming in three sizes: palm, small and regular, all of them are dedicated to providing fanless, industrial-proven and application ready control platforms.

  • Advantech iDoor Technology
  • Multiple expansion solutions
  • Versatile mounting platforms
  • Fieldbus protocol; digital and analog I/O, communication
Industrial Communications

Industrial CommunicationAdvantech has the experience and know-how to offer world-class Industrial Communication products for PC-based automation. Advantech’s industrial Ethernet Switches and Serial Device Servers not only have the ability to connect sensors and I/O devices from field sites and factories, but also provide an Ethernet backbone to integrate these switches and device servers in real time.

  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Wireless
  • PoE Industrial Switches
  • Serial Device Servers
  • Serial Converters and Repeaters
Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Advantech provides a full range of industrial data acquisition and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications.

  • Five major categories: PC/104, PCI-bus, ISA-bus, USB-based, and CompactPCI modules
  • Multiple wiring terminals and extensive software support
  • Suitable for: data acquisition, monitoring, automation, test and measurement


Founded in 1983, Advantech has provided leadership for innovative ePlatform products and services for over 25 years. With comprehensive product ranges, customer-centric design services, and an extensive global network, Advantech is your most trustworthy partner to empower numerous innovations in the connected eWorld.  Advantech Co., Ltd. cooperates closely with solution partners to provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications in diverse industries, offering products and solutions in three business categories: Embedded ePlatform, eServices & Applied Computing, and Industrial Automation groups.

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Industry 4.0 Modular Solutions

Modular Industrial Panel PCs

Wise 4000 IoT Wireless Sensor Node

UNO-2362G Advantech UNO2362GEmbedded Automation Computer

UNO-2362G with daisy chain and iDoor technology

Introducing Advantech’s new modular iDoor technology and a new AMD Dual core processor, the new UNO-2362G is the first UNO-2000 model to have daisy-chain network capabilities. The network daisy-chain technology integrated in the UNO-2632G, allows users to connect to and configure multiple ADAM modules to create star networks without the need to use a network switch and in the easiest way possible.

Advantech’s new iDoor technology is a new modular way of adding functions to the UNO-2362G. Modules for iDoor system include: Fieldbus protocol; memory expansion and storage; digital and analog I/O; WAN, MAN and LAN communications with Wi-FI, GPS, GPRS and LTE; ancillary modules such as temperature, brightness, smart meters and others.

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