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Automation Software

Automation SoftwareAdvantech’s advanced Automation Software solutions are more complete, more integrated and more open, providing excellent capabilities to communicate with other devices, especially for data acquisition, testing and measurement, and control applications.

  • OPC Server
  • Softlogic
  •  ActiveX
Human Machine Interface

Human Machine InterfaceWith a complete range of Industrial Operator Panels, Touch Panel PCs, Industrial Panel PCs, and Industrial Flat Panel Monitors, Advantech offers a wide range of HMI products for industrial automation needs. By creating value-added, standard product solutions and by offering customization, Advantech can provide platforms to meet any requirement.

  • Industrial Operator Panel
  • Touch Panel Computers
  • Industrial Panel PC
  • Industrial Monitors
Automation Computers

Automation ComputersAdvantech offers complete embedded Automation Computers with rugged, cableless designs for harsh industrial environments. With compact and rich IO, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, these platforms are suitable for a wide variety of applications in a wide range of environments.

  • Din Rail PCs
  • Compact Automation Computers
  • High Performance Automation Computers
  • Wall mount Automation Computers
  • Automation Computers for Power Substations
Industrial Communications

Industrial CommunicationAdvantech has the experience and know-how to offer world-class Industrial Communication products for PC-based automation. Advantech’s industrial Ethernet Switches and Serial Device Servers not only have the ability to connect sensors and I/O devices from field sites and factories, but also provide an Ethernet backbone to integrate these switches and device servers in real time.

  • Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Industrial Wireless
  • PoE Industrial Switches
  • Serial Device Servers
  • Serial Converters and Repeaters
Data Acquisition

Data AcquisitionAdvantech is a global leader in plug-in I/O card design and manufacturing, providing a full range of industrial Data Acquisition (DAQ) and control products which are widely used in industrial and laboratory applications such as: monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and automated testing.

  • USB Modules
  • PCI Cards
  • PC/104 Modules
  • Signal Conditioning Modules
  • Compact PCI System


Founded in 1983, Advantech has provided leadership for innovative ePlatform products and services for over 25 years. With comprehensive product ranges, customer-centric design services, and an extensive global network, Advantech is your most trustworthy partner to empower numerous innovations in the connected eWorld.  Advantech Co., Ltd. cooperates closely with solution partners to provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications in diverse industries, offering products and solutions in three business categories: Embedded ePlatform, eServices & Applied Computing, and Industrial Automation groups.

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