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Alpha Gear – Wittenstein

cymex® 5 – The new Sizing Software

AlphaGear CymexSize and design your entire drive train (application + transformation + gearbox + motor) faster, easier and more reliably than ever before. Download our free sizing program, cymex® 5.

  • Customize motion and load profiles
  • Use Master-Slave function to adjust stiffness and backlash
  • Size a complete project in a fraction of the time
  • Generate drawings and CADS on request

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Hygienic and Sterile Products

AlphaGear HygienicThe Hygienic Design planetary gearbox HDV is the world‘s first planetary gearbox to be certified by the EHEDG. Safe, direct integration in the process is now a reality. In addition to Hygienic Design gearbox HDV with output shaft we now offer the gearbox HDP with output flange.

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From the compact precision of the alpha TP+ to the economical performance of the alpha LP+ and the classic solution of the alpha SP+, there is always a servo inline planetary gearboxes solution for your needs.  The innovatAlpha Gear Headsors in servo gearbox technology, their alpha range of precision gearheads continue to expand and grow to fit the needs of the changing motion world.

  • Right-angle servo gearboxes
  • Hollow-shaft gearheads
  • In-line gearboxes
  • Double torque
  • Flange type, Heavy Duty

Mini ServoWittenstein’s innovative servo technology ranges from miniature motors to industrial direct drives to completely custom designed servos. These unique servo motors provide the highest performance combined with the highest power density and lowest torque ripple. Adding to the flexibility, Wittenstein servo motors are compatible with most servo drives.

  • Optimal power density
  • Revolutionary compactness
  • Flange sizes between 17 and 55mm

Alpha Ternary ActuatorsTernary is the all-in-one linear actuator system from Wittenstein that merges mechanics with intelligence, integrating several separate components: electronics,power, control, and Fieldbus all-in-one.

The ternary provides easy control of position, velocity, acceleration and force, and provides for mid-move velocity changes. Precise control of multiple points eliminates the need for mechanical stops and limit switches.  Each Ternary Actuator Includes:

  • Stepper or Brushless Servo Motor
  • Encoder feedback
  • Planetary gearhead
  • Ball screw driven cylinder or slide

Alpha AccessoriesMechanical and mechatronic accessories from Wittenstein add value to your system, offering you the ability to optimize any design. From couplings providing you piece of mind for your machine to sensor technology used in process optimization, our motion accessories are all inclusive.

  • Compact and maintenance-free couplings
  • Rack & Pinion Systems
  • Sensor Technology
  • alphaCool™  Adapter Plates

Wittenstein (AlphaGear)

From precision planetary gear reducers to haptic technology for training devices, Wittenstein is dedicated to designing and developing products and services which fulfill your motion requirements.  Wittenstein is committed to being a world-class partner for customers of its intelligent mechatronic drive technology, servo systems and mechanical components.  By using the power of science, innovation and forward thinking technology, Their goal is to be the leader in motion.  Having pioneered the servo planetary gear reducer and with the largest installed customer base of servo gearboxes, Wittenstein takes pride in partnerships and is honored to provide markets with servo motion.  Thinking beyond traditional motion, Wittenstein creates new solutions for customers and markets.  Moving your world means more than manufacturing a product that fits your needs.  It means ease of business with pre- and post –sales support and developing tools and software to assist you in designing your drive train.

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