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FPQ3 Series Low-angle Square Lights

CCS FPQ3 lightThe FPQ3 series low-angle light units are perfect for square workpieces, detecting the outline of corners and preventing glare.

Output has been increased by up to 2 times standard units. Installation holes on the top and lateral surfaces of all models increase installation flexibility. These ring lights are available in 8 sizes and a total of 24 models.

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LNIS2 Series Line Lights

CCS LNIS2 line lightThe LNIS2 series are oblique angled lights for line sensor. These line lights are specialized in the inspection of streaks and moving-direction scratches. Using an original optical design the LNIS2 achieves bi-directional angled illumination making detecting “moving-direction scratches possible.

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Standard Lights

CCS Standard LightsCCS Standard Products are available in more than 300 standard and 5000 custom designs. CCS has been providing the most reliable, compact LED illuminators in the market.

  • High Density Ring Lights – irradiance focused at the center of the workpiece
  • Low-angle illumination – emphasizes edges, surface damage and engraving
  • LED Bar lights – for wide range of applications
  • Backlight illumination – illuminates workpiece from the back
  • Coaxial Light Units – for mirrored or highly reflective surfaces
High Output Lights

CCS High Output LightsThe HL Series High Output Lights are Ideal for consumers who need high-intensity lighting in applications with long stand-off distances.  These high intensity lights are excellent for large area illumination and provide a long life – 50,000 hours (typical).

  • Palletizing
  • Web inspection
  • Packaging
  • Robot guidance
QL Series

QL SeriesDesigned for the budget-minded consumer, the QL Series LED Lights are a complete line of lights utilize 24 Volt Input.  These high quality lights provide high brightness and uniformity.

  • 24Volt input
  • High Quality
  • Cost effective
  • Standard M12 Connectors
  • High brightness and uniformity

Standard Light Units:

Ring Light (direct light)

Ring Lights direct light

Low Angle Ring Light Units (direct light)

Low Angle Ring Lights direct light

Bar Light Units (direct light)

Bar Lights

Ring Lights (indirect light)

Ring Lights indirect lighting

Low-angle Ring Lights (indirect light)

Low Angle Ring Lights (indirect light)

 Low-angle Square Lights (indirect light)

Low Angle Square Lights

 Flat Light Units (indirect light)

Flat Light Units (indirect lighting)

 Flat Dome Lights (indrect light)

Flat Dome Lights

 Dome Lights (indirect light)

Dome Lights

 Coaxial Light Units (indirect light)

Coaxial Lights

 Coaxial Lights – Collimated lighting

Collimated Lights

 Line Light Units (indirect light)

Line Lights indrect lighting

 Line Light Units – Convergent lighting

Line Lights

 Compact Spotlights (indirect light)

Compact Spotlights

 Spotlights (indirect light)

Spot Lights

 LED Light Source

LED Light Source

 Fiber Heads

 Fiber heads

 Light Sources for Fiber Heads

Light Sources for Fiber heads

 UV Light Units – Ultraviolet Light

UV Light Units

 IR Light Units – Infrared Light

IR Lights

QL Series Lights:

QBL- Backlight

QBL Backlight

QBR Direct Bar Light

 QBR Bar Light

 QRL- Direct Ring Lights

QRL Direct Ring Lights

 QLA Low Angle Ring

QLA Low Angle Ring

 QSQ Square Ring Lights

QSQ Square Lights

QDF Dark Field Lights

QDF Dark Field Lights

 QCO Coaxial Lights

QCO Coaxial Lights

 Power Supplies & Accessories

QL Accessories

CCS America

CCS America is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality LED lighting for image processing applications. Their innovative designs will give you images of superior quality and maximum contrast.  The proper illumination can make the difference between a vision system that works and one that fails. Since 1999, CCS America has helped thousands of customers identify the best lighting solution for their machine vision applications. They offer high quality products and advanced lighting technologies, and are continually developing new lighting systems that will meet a diverse range of needs.  Their Burlington, Massachusetts facility is equipped with a testing laboratory and dedicated engineering staff available for application testing, lighting recommendations, and technical support.

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