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Danaher TimersEagle offers a full range of Electronic Timers and electromechanical timer devices that provide rugged and reliable control of your application. From run time, production and process time applications, Danaher Industrial Controls broad line of electronic timers offer excellent performance value and renowned quality.

  • Electronic Timers
  • DIN Rail Mount Timers 
  • Digital Rest Timers 
  • Solid State Timers 
  • Dual Setpoint Timers

Danaher CountersVeeder-Root, the best known name in Counters, offering rugged and economical electronic, mechanical and electromechanical counters, including totalizing, preset and predetermining counters as well as diverse process and rate indicators, for non-stop performance and production monitoring in industrial manufacturing applications.

  • Totalizing
  • Predetermining/Preset counters
  • Batch Count
  • Programmable setpoint controls and alarms

Danaher EncodersDynapar encompasses the broadest line of trusted brands in motion feedback control, including Dynapar Encoders and Hengstler brand incremental encoders and absolute rotary encoders, Northstar heavy-duty magneto-resistive and Heavy-Duty optical encoders and high-performance Harowe brand resolvers.

  • Incremental, Aboslute & Resolvers 
  • Shafted, Hub Shaft, Hollow Shaft 
  • Bearingless, Housed, Frameless 
  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Duty, Light Duty, Servo Duty

danaher Temperature ControllerWest™ is a renowned leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art, value packed single loop and multi-loop Temperature monitoring digital controllers servicing industry and machine builders in their process automation applications for over 50 years.  West launched the first multi-loop controller to combine the integrity of a discrete controller with the benefits of bus integration.

  • Single Loop Controllers 
  • Multi-loop Controllers 
  • Controllers with Programming Functions 
  • Process Indicators 
  • Limit Controllers

Danaher RecordersPartlow™ is a respected U.S. leader in rugged and reliable circle chart process Recorders and state-of-the-art single loop and multi-loop temperature recorder units and controllers servicing industry and machine builders in their process automation applications.  Partlow circle chart recorder products provide the additional benefit of a paper document record of process control results for traceability.

  • Rutrak strip chart recorders 
  • Electronic recorders 
  • Partlow circle chart recorders

Danaher Industrial Control Group

The Danaher Industrial Controls Group (DICG) offers the world’s broadest range of reputable brand name monitoring, sensing and motion control automation products to satisfy a full range of industrial factory and process applications. The DICG business platform, formed in 2000, is a conglomeration of some 15 world-class manufacturing companies delivering innovative, high value and reliable environmental controls to diverse businesses and industries the world over. All of their customers have one need in common: they want reliable products from a reliable company, fast. The confidence they place in the quality of DICG brand products, including Anderson, Dynapar, Dolan-Jenner, eagle-Signal, Gem Sensors, Hecon, Hengstler, Namco, Negele, Northstar, Partlow, Veeder-Root, West more, is demonstrated by the fact that a high percentage of thier business comes from repeat customers. Whether you need a standard or custom products, customers come back to DICG because they don’t have time for sporadic performance or costly machine shutdown situations. DICG industrial control products are proven dependable, with extremely low failure rates and over 230 combined years of experience and over 30,000 satisfied customers around the world.

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