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eWon Industrial Routers

eWON Industrial RoutersIndustrial remote connectivity routers.  eWON Technology combines a modem, an IP router, drivers for both serial and Ethernet PLC protocols, and a processor for autonomous management of communication tasks, and it offers additional services for  PLC parameters.

  • Industrial router
  • Industrial VPN router
  • Industrial VPN LAN router
  • Industrial VPN ADSL router
  • Industrial M2M gateway
  • Serial-to-Ethernet gateway
Talk2M Internet Remote Access

Talk2MTalk2M easy, secure Internet remote access for your PLCs.

Talk2M is a smart, Web-based remote access method. Talk2M gives you single-click Internet access to your remote machines and sites worldwide.  Talk2M (‘talk to machine’) is an Internet connectivity tool designed to address the growing need for broadband and wireless access in the automation world for remote maintenance and access to remote equipment. The key added value of Talk2M is full integration of IT security standards by enabling Internet tunneling between the user and the remote machine without requiring any changes to IT network security settings at either end.

Companion Tools for eWON

eWON Companion ToolsviewON 2 enables you to create HMI web pages containing entire synoptics with various objects and animations, within minutes, in just a few mouse clicks and with no specific web skills or knowledge required. viewON 2 is a complete and powerful HMI, fully optimized for remote access situations.

  • Web HMI editor for eWon
  • Central VPN connectivity server
  • Virtual serial ports with eWON
LAN Router LAN Routers VPN Router VPN Routers Serial to Ethernet gateway  Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway 

eWON Connecting Machines Across the Internet

Breaking the barrier between industrial applications and IT standards, the mission of eWON is to connect industrial machines securely to the Internet, enabling easy remote access and gathering all types of technical data originating from industrial machines.
Typical applications within the scope of our mission include remote maintenance, predictive maintenance, remote services, asset management, remote metering, multi-site building management, M2M, and more.

Because it is scalable and easy to deploy, Talk2M adds value instantaneously to the machines, allows machine builders and OEMs to concentrate on providing core support value to their customers, and creates opportunities for new revenue streams from service contracts, machine benchmarking, and warranty extensions. 

Other Information:

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