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Gear Reducers

Gear ReducersGAM Precision Gearboxes ideal for Factory Automation and Motion Control Applications.  High precision gear reducers at a reasonable cost GAM provides inline gear reducers and right angle gear reducers created to minimize your design and installation time, minimize space requirements and maximize your machine’s performance.

  • PE Series – lowest cost planetary gearbox
  •  F-Series – “shaftless” planetary gearbox that offers advantages in space and performance
  •  SPL  – can handle oversized motor shafts, higher input speeds, and high torques

CouplingsHigh precision servo Couplings or safety couplings at a reasonable cost and value innovation and excellent customer service. The GAM product line provides a wide range of products created to minimize design/installation time and space requirements while maximizing performance.

  • Bellow Couplings
  • Elastomer Couplings
  • Safety Couplings
Linear Mounts

Linear MountGAM offers unique and convenient Linear Mounting Solutions for mounting your motor or gearbox to a linear ball screw or belt module as well as attaching motors or gearboxes to linear slides.  This is a quick, simple, low-cost solution used to mount onto any “off the shelf” linear belt or ball screw modules.

GAM Products

If you require high precision gear reducers, servo couplings or linear slide kits, take a close look at the GAM product line. You will find a wide range of products all created to minimize design and installation time, minimize space requirements while maximizing performance.   You can choose from a wide range of inline and right-angle gearboxes with varying degrees of precision.

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