Gibson Engineering

Automation Control & Visualization



Industrial PC, Touch Panel PC
Industrial Touch Screens, Ethernet Switches, Programmable Automation Controllers
Timers, Counters,
Panel Meters
PID Controllers  
Industrial Routers, Connecting Machine Across the Internet 



Electric Actuators, Servo and Stepper Motors, Industrial Network Remote I/O including Ethernet /IP Pneumatic Valves, Actuators, FRL Systems, Fittings & Tubing   Visual Intelligence Software
OPC Web-based HMI/SCADA Business Visuialization / Manufacturing Intelligence  
PLC’s, HMI Terminals Motion Control, VFD’s, Servo Motors, Linear Servos, SCARA and Vertically Articulated Robots     


 HMI Terminals, Digital Controllers
Panel Meters,  Encoders,
Signal Conditioners,
Process Controllers 
 Modular Remote I/O Systems
PLC Industrial Fieldbus Modules including Etherent/IP
Terminal Blocks, Power Supplies, Ethernet Switches  

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