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GX Works2 is the next generation configuration and programming software for FX and Q Series controllers. Following the goal of maximum efficiency, GX Works2 allows developers to mix and match between five different programming languages, each conforming to a different programming style. It is left up to the developer to select the language most comfortable and best suited for the job. This environment conforms to IEC1131-3 standards, also allowing parts of projects to be saved in Libraries for use within future applications.

MT Works2

MT Works2 is the next generation programming, configuration and maintenance software for Q Series Motion Controllers including the iQ Platform, MR-MQ100 and Q170MCPU Stand Alone motion controllers.  MT Works2 offers a new and intuitive programming, design, and maintenance environment which can be used across many industries and applications in all the phases of a Motion Controller configuration; system design, program development, debugging, startup, operation, and maintenance.

GT Works3

GT Works3 is a complete HMI programming, screen creation, and maintenance program. In order to reduce the labor required to create detailed and impressive applications, the software's functionality has been built around the concepts of ease of use, simplification (without sacrificing functionality), and elegance (in design and screen graphics).

iQ Works

Mitsubishi Electric's iQ Works software is a suite of four MELSOFT software packages that enable intuitive programming and setup of an iQ Platform system, including system/network configuration, Q and FX Series programming, Q Motion Controller and Servo setup, GOT1000 HMI screen design. This next generation software provides a fully customizable user friendly environment with the developers in mind. Simulators and additional configuration software have been integrated into the base software, and Label programming across the entire system has been implemented. Now users can program their applications using logical names for devices, and reference those values from the GOT1000 HMI

Mitsubishi Electric brand software (MELSOFT) provides customers with an integrated product suite which reduce the total cost of ownership and speeds time-to-market.  MELSOFT products are used throughout the automation asset’s lifecycle.  During the Engineering stage, MELSOFT products are used to design systems encompassing the entire portfolio of automation products.  Powerful simulation tools are used to reduce programming and debug time.  Machine operators benefit from visualization products to further increase operation efficiencies.  A broad range of maintenance tools are also available to decrease time-to-repair.  Empowering people to perform their job functions in the least amount of time and with minimum effort is why MELSOFT products are preferred by automation professionals around the world.

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