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SMPi Vacuum Generator Reduces Compressed Air Usage

Schmalz SMPi Vac GeneratorThe Schmalz SMPi senses when the defined vacuum level is achieved and then the vacuum switch sends a signal to the integrated control unit, which causes the control unit to deactivate the suction via the solenoid valve. The vacuum level is held via a check valve, if leakage occurs the vacuum switch detects it and activates suction for a split-second via the control unit until the defined vacuum level is reached.

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Tube Lifter Jumbo – Vacuum Ergonomic Handling System

Schmalz Lifter TubeThe vacuum tube lifter Jumbo tackles big jobs in the shortest amount of time. The intuitive operation allows you to move loads quickly, precisely and always ergonomically. It is the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas and for many other lifting applications.

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Schmalz Inc. provides consistent customer orientation and groundbreaking innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive consulting competence.  Schmalz provides a complete range of vacuum products that include Vacuum Components, used primarily for pick and place, robotic end effectors, packaging / palletizing and assembly; Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems, used primarily for material handling; and Vacuum Clamping Systems, used primarily to clamp wood and plastics on dry running CNC machines.

Vacuum Components

Innovative vacuum components from Schmalz offer many users in various sectors of industry reliable support in the solution of automation and handling tasks. The wide range of components extends from suction pads and vacuum generators to mountingVacuum Components elements and system monitoring devices.  The Schmalz range of suction pads offers an almost unlimited number of suction pads with various shapes, sizes and materials.   Vacuum pump, blower or ejector, you will find everything you need, from the smallest compact ejector to the largest high-performance pump.  The enormous range of available components permits tailor-made solutions.
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Vacuum Gripping Systems

Schmalz’s complex vacuum gripping systems range from layer and large-area vacuum gripping systems to ready-to-install vacuum suction spiders for use in all areas of automation.  The large-area vacuum gripping systems FXC and FMC guarantee maximum flexibility during automated handling processes. It makes automated palletizing, depalletizing, order picking and sorting of the most varied goods in varying dimensionsvacuum gripping systems with only one gripper possible. With the vacuum layer gripper SPZ, entire product layers can be palletized and depalletized. Loading and unloading of partially filled pallets is made possible by a combination of vacuum technology and mechanical gripper support. This universal gripper is best suited for handling crates, carton boxes, foil packages, intermediate layers, pallets, and much more.
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Vacuum Handling Systems

Jumbo Lifter Schmalz’s vacuum handling systems streamline and humanize production processes by easily and efficiently handling workpieces. They help avoid damages to health caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is particularly well suited for frequent and rapid lifting and movement of carton boxes, bags, barrels, wooden sheets and many other applications with a weight of up to 300 kg.
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Vacuum Clamping Systems

Future-oriented vacuum clamping technology from Schmalz is the intelligent response to the continually increasing demands for more productivity and economic operation of CNC machine tools.  The Matrix-Plate is particularly suitable for process-safeVacuum clamping clamping of large, flat metal workpieces with smooth bottom surfaces on CNC machining centres and guarantees very short set-up times.  The high flexible, low-priced Vacuum Clamping System Multi-Clamp can be used on almost every flat surface. Therefore it is the perfect solution for clamping small and medium-sized workpieces in a workshop or on the Jobsite.
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Other information

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VacuCalculator is a program by Schmalz which permits easy and quick conversion of system variables and calculations for the layout of vacuum systems.  The vacuum calculator provide, evacuation time for pumps, suction capacity and area, suction force and hose diameter.


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Vacuum Layer Gripping System for Palletizing

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