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AZM200 Solenoid Interlock with Door Handle

Schmersal AZM200The AZM200 is a combination of solenoid interlock and electronic safety sensor with a door handle actuator.  It is designed for machine/work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. The solenoid lock provides 506 pounds of force to secure the machine guard.

The AZM200 also features an integrated electronic safety sensor to detect guard door closure independently of the solenoid lock.

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Fail-safe AZM400 Bolt Interlock

Schmersal AZM400 Bolt InterlockThe fail-safe AZM 400 bolt interlock consists of a locking unit with sensor technology and a motor-driven locking bolt, along with an actuator that features an encoded RFID-tag and a locking hole in which the locking bolt engages. As soon as the locking bolt has reached sufficient depth, the guard system is considered to be safely locked. Here, the AZM400 reaches a holding force of 10,000 N.

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Machine Guarding

Machine GuardingSCHMERSAL offers more than 300 different safety components for protecting workers from point-of-operation hazards. These include safety interlocks for lift-off, hinged and sliding guards ... as well as electro-optical sensors where "movable" or "hard guards" are not suitable for the application. Each of these tamper-resistant interlock switches/sensors is third-party tested to assure conformity to all relevant directives.  These products include; keyed interlock switches, solenoid-latching interlocks, hinged interlock switches, non-contact safety sensors and safety edges and emergency cable-pull switches.

Perimeter Guarding

SCPerimeter GuardingHMERSAL offers a selection of contact and non-contact safety devices for area/perimeter guarding. These include safety light curtains/grids, safety light barriers, and a family of industrial-grade safety pressure mats... each with compatible safety controllers for achieving control reliability.

Safety Controls

Safety ControllersIn addition to sensing the actuation of an E-stop, machine guarding interlock, light curtain/beam or pressure mat; SCHMERSAL offers safety modules that can detect the several potential safety circuit faults including; welded interlock or E-stop contact, misaligned guard, open circuits and short circuits and faults in the module’s monitoring circuits.

Safety Accessories

Safety AccessoriesSCHMERSAL also offers an array of specialty safety devices and installation accessories. Their purpose is provide easy-to-implement solutions to some of the specific application requirements that often arise. These products include; safety door handle systems, enabling devices, safety foot switches, two-hand controls and alignment aids.


Founded in 1945, SCHMERSAL specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial switches, machine safety products, position sensors and related control accessories.  They are represented in more than 30 countries.  Their North American operation,

SCHMERSAL Inc.,  is focused on supplying machinery builders and users with safety components which satisfy the machine guarding requirements of OSHA, ANSI and the European Machinery Directive.  SCHMERSAL’s broad range of electromechanical and electronic products meet the new and emerging machine guarding requirements including OHSA, ANSI and the Robotic Industries Association and the European Machinery Directive (CE).  Their products feature a high degree of tamper resistance, positive-break NC contacts, fail-to safe design and rugged, sealed industrial design.

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