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Photoelectric Sensors

Schneider Electric offers a full range of photoelectric solutions from barrel type, miniature rectangular, frame and fork sensors and Din-rail fiber optic photoeyes. The universal PhotoVirtu is capable of operating Photoelectric Sensorsin four teachable sensing modes:

  • Diffuse
  • Diffuse with background suppression
  • Polarized retroflective
  • Thru-beam
Ultrasonic Sensors

Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors, capable of sensing up to 1 meter makes long range ultrasonic sensing affordable. Their versatile, powerful sensors incorporate the same advanced ultrasonic technology as more expensive sensors, including a discriminating microprocessor program, but a more economical price. The Hyde park ultrasonic line up includes:Ultrasonic Sensor

  • Barrel type
  • Dual mount
  • Miniature flat profile
  • Subcompact flat profile
  • Fork ultrasonic sensor
Inductive Sensors

The Osiconcept inductive sensors, – Offering simplicity through innovation , provides a single product that automatically adapts to all installation environments. A simple press of the button automatically configures the Osiconcept® inductive sensor and provides optimal performance irrespective of the installation method.Inductive Sensors

  • Barrel type
  • Flat profile
  • Limit switch style
  • Cubic style housings

Schneider Electric

The Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center (SCC) helps end-users make sense of sensors.  Supporting all models of Telemecanique and Hyde Park sensors, the SCC is an invaluable resource for plant operators, specifying engineers and OEMs. It provides in-depth product knowledge and unmatched applications expertise to automation and control engineers and maintenance personnel.  Located in Dayton, Ohio, the SCC is staffed by more than 60 knowledgeable and experienced team members with the single-minded purpose of helping end-users maximize the return on their sensor investment.  Hyde Park is a brand name for the ultrasonic sensors that are manufactured and sold from the facility located in Dayton Ohio. The SCC also produces the Virtu® Photoelectric line of Telemecanique sensors and manufactures sensor modifications for Telemecanique photoelectric and proximity sensors. The SCC serves as a single, integrated resource in the U.S for technical and applications support for the sensor industry.   Today the SCC will provide a central resource for all types and models of Hyde Park and Telemecanique sensors, including inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and ultrasonic.

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