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microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

GEC SICKmicroScan3The microScan3 Core safety laser scanner from SICK reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points.

The microScan3 combines a small compact design and a large scanning range in one device with high performance in even the toughest environments.

microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

H18 SureSense

SICK SureSenseSICK’s H18 SureSense is a hybrid M18 mounting photoelectric sensor.  This one family handles nearly all of your standard sensing applications. The SureSense signal strength light bar provides instant feedback on the quality of alignment, adjustment and light signal being returned from an object.

H18 SureSense

Industrial Sensors

Industrial SensorsSICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. This vast array of industrial sensors encompasses photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors.

High Performance Sensors

High Performance SensorsSICK provides advanced sensing solutions for the most difficult applications.  Their wide range of specialty sensors includes:

  • Contrast Sensors
  • Color Sensors
  • Luminescence Sensors
  • Distance Measurement Sensors
  • Registration Sensors
Safety Opto-Electronic Devices

Safety Laser ScannersSince their inception, SICK has led the world in opto-electronic safety solutions for hazardous machines and work areas. SICK continues to develop innovative point-of-operation devices, optical perimeter and area guards. Advanced functions of their safety control devices include fixed, floating, and multiple point floating blanking, Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) and multiple configurable muting controls.

Safety Switches

Safety SwitchesSICK products easily withstand harsh conditions, such as impact and vibrations.  Non-contact safety switches from SICK can be used for the safe monitoring of movable guards as well as for position monitoring.  You have a choice among three operating principles (magnetic, transponder and inductive), and different designs allow you to select the solution that best fits the application requirements.

Vision Sensors

Vision SensorsSICK's vision sensors are easy to use, rugged and reliable. They are designed to be a cost-effective solution for applications that would otherwise require more complicated and expensive vision systems. From part inspection... to verifying presence... to color sorting and optical character recognition, SICK has a solution.  SICK smart cameras are high-speed cameras for advanced applications

Identification Solutions

Bar Code ScannersSICK bar code scanners speed up logistics automation. Excellent reading performance ensures the process flow even when the bar codes are damaged or printed poorly. Their high scanning frequency enables high process speed. Whether 1D or 2D, or direct marked codes (e.g., laser, dot peening, ink jet) on metallic, plastic or on paper, they provide an ideal solution for nearly every application.


70 Years of Innovation

TriSpector 1000 3D Inspection

microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner


Sick Inc., the North American subsidiary of SICK was established in 1976.  Their headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN and they have slaes offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.  SICK is a leader of factory and process automation technology worldwide. With more than 450 patents for photoelectric sensors, safety solutions, machine vision, and bar code scanners, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, consumer goods, logistics, parcel/postal, and material handling industries.. SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications. Whether automating factories or optimizing distribution centers, SICK provides cost-effective solutions.  SICK has been a technology leader for more than 60 years. Leveraging a history of innovation, the company has pioneered a long line of industry firsts – such as the first safety light curtain, the first color sensor, and many more. These innovations provide solutions to the automotive, airline, manufacturing, consumer goods, and material handling industries.

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