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STM Sensors


MICROmote SensorsThe MICROmote® brand name stands for optical microsensors with separate electronics. A huge variety of tiny sensor heads. Extremely flexible sensor cables with no bending radius limitations. Powerful microoptical components for perfectly shaped light beams.


COMPACTSTM Compact stands for optical sensors with built-in amplifiers in especially compact constructions. Powerful microoptical components ensure a perfect light beam. Long ranges with outstanding object resolution. Metal housing enables use in harsh conditions.

Vacuum Rated Photoelectic

High-vacuum STM Vacuum Sensorsmeans very special requirements for the use of optical sensors. They are hence nearly always customized solutions. The STM modular concept and the microoptical components are ideal here for realizing adapted products in a rapid and cost effective manner.

Fork Sensors

Depending on the model, the fork sensors STM Fork Sensorsare grouped into standard size intervals (in the GLS series) or with a modular size concept that enables you to create your own ideal dimensions from a simple modular system easily.

  • Standard Fork Sensors  
  • Modular Fork Sensors  
  • Label Fork Sensors  
  • Light Band Fork Sensors
Frame Sensors

Proven frame sensors STM Frame Sensorsfor reliable dynamic monitoring of falling parts. With an especially high resolution at high speeds.  Excellent for counting in automated packing systems or for part ejection control in stamping systems.

Liquid Sensors

STM Liquid Sensors Whenever the detection of liquids requires extraordinary precision and reliability …  No matter if it’s the entrapment of minute gas bubbles in transparent tubes or the accurate level control in semi-transparent containers, our liquid sensors score with their outstanding technical properties.

STM makes special optical sensors, using innovative technologies that keep them ahead of competitors.  Unique microoptical components allow STM to achieve an unsurpassed ratio of size to range.

With photoelectric sensors in miniature sizes from 2 mm (approx. 0.08”) to 8 mm (approx. 0.3”), for example, they even beat specialists in the high-power range.

STM makes optical sensors vacuum-capable. For pressures down to 10-9  mbar, with selected materials and adapted designs.  The miniature size of STM sensors offer the only technological alternative to fiber optics.

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