Kassow robots are uniquely powerful, efficient and reliable collaborative robots designed to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads – all with outstanding user-friendliness.

Kassow Robots Product Solutions


The KR810 is a strong and fast industrial cobot with a reach of 850 mm and a payload of 10 kg. Simple programming thanks to our special intuitive Kassow user interface.

The KR810 collaborative robots have built-in force torque sensors that detect impact and abnormal forces. This means it can operate together with or close to staff without special safety measures (following a risk assessment).


KR1018 is Kassow’s strongest cobot arm yet, offering a payload capacity of 18 kg and reach of 1000 mm. The KR1018 weighs 34 kg, offers repeatability of +/- 0.1mm and a joint speed of up to 225 degrees per second. It comes with three I/O ports and a free drive button. Two of the ports are for digital or analog I/Os, while the third port enables a direct data/Ethernet connection with the controller.


The KR1205 industrial cobot offers a reach of 1200 mm and a payload of 5 kg. Its combination of 7 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), joint speeds up to 225 degrees per second, and its reach and payload differentiate the KR1205 from the competition.

Programming is simplified with a tablet-like user interface that can be “operated by any staff member after a basic introduction.”


The KR1410 impresses with a reach of 1.40 meters and a payload of 10 kilograms – a strong combination in the lightweight robotics market. This opens up a wide range of applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC), including in sectors such as the metal industry where high payloads are essential.

A higher payload increases the range of objects that can be handled (scope) while still providing high production speeds.


The KR1805 fast industrial cobot provides an especially long reach of 1800 mm and no compromise on strength with a payload of 5 kg.

Thanks in part to its 7th axis, which allows it to reach around corners combined with its 1.80-meter robot arm – giving it an unrivalled reach in the cobot market – the KR1805 opens up completely new applications for customers in industry.

Getting started with Kassow Robots

Video 1: Hardware Introduction
Video 2: Software Introduction
Video 3: Jogging the Robot
Video 4: Installing a Gripper
Video 5: Programming the Robot
Palletizing with Kassow

Kassow Robots Training Options

Learn more about our classroom-based training on Kassow Robots:

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Kassow Collaborative Robotics Training

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“Kassow Robots` collaborative lightweight robots with 7 axes are introducing a new era of small and medium-sized cobots. Our cobots can efficiently solve a multitude of challenges for SMEs – today and tomorrow.” - Kristian Kassow (Founder & CEO)

Kassow Robots help automate any industrial application quickly & efficiently, programmed entirely through an easy to use teach pendant. These robots are designed to fast & agile while taking up a fraction of the space required by traditional industrial robots of comparable reaches/payloads. See what opportunities the extra 7th axis unlocks today!

Typical applications for collaborative robots include machine tending, packaging/palletizing applications and painting/finishing processes - reach out to the team at Gibson Engineering to start testing this technology today!