Gibson Engineering

Motion Control and Motors



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Alpha Gear(Wittenstein)
Planetary Gear Reducers
Right Angle Gear Heads          
 Stepper Motor, Linear Servo, and DC Servo Motors, Single & Multi-Axis Motor Controllers   High Precision Gear Reducers, Servo Couplings   

Robotic Positioning Systems
Linear Servo Actuators/Controllers
Cartesian Coordinate & SCARA  Robots
PLC’s, HMI Terminals Motion Control, VFD’s, Servo Motors, Linear Servos, SCARA and Vertically Articulated Robots Linear and Rotary Actuators and
Controllers, Stepping Motors & Drives,
Brushless and AC Motors, Gear Motors,
Cooling Fans

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Linear Motion Rails, Telescopic Linear Guides, Linear Actuators  High Precision Gearboxes, Right-angle Gearboxes, Right-angle Worm Gearboxes, Rotary Indexers Moving Coil Actuators

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