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Cognex In-Sight Basic Training


Expanding on the Cognex In-Sight Basic Training, this course will focus on higher level concepts and further develop application development skills in In-Sight Explorer Software.

In-Sight Explorer contains Cognex's powerful algorithms for both simple and advanced applications. When you have advanced beyond standard presence/absence and straight forward measurement tools and need to perform complicated inspections, In-Sight Explorer is more than capable of handling these problems.

The In-Sight Explorer software includes both the EasyBuilder® environment as well as the classic Spreadsheet programming environment. This course focuses on understanding how the two work together and then looking at some of the more complex tools available in the software.

Who should attend

Anyone who has attended the In-Sight Basic Training course and is now looking to understand Cognex Vision Systems in more depth in order to tackle more challenging applications. This is only applicable for In-Sight Vision Systems.


Attendees will learn how to use the Cognex In-Sight Explorer with software to create more complex applications that can utilize the depth of the tools available from the platform.

Topics Covered:
  • Operator Interfaces
  • Round Tripping
  • Color Applications
  • Math and Logic
  • EasyView, VisionView and WebHMI
  • Defect Detection Tools


Please click on the Registration Link to see the location of the training. Some trainings are in-person at one of our training facilities and some are held on-line. The requirements change based on whether the training is in-person or online. Please see below.

In-Person Class Details

In-person classes utilize hardware provided by Gibson Engineering at our training facilities. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops with the In-Sight software preinstalled. This software is a free download from Cognex’s website.

Online Class Details

Online classes utilize the built-in Emulator provided by the In-Sight software.


  • Computer with In-Sight Software pre-installed prior to the start of class. The instructor will confirm which version prior to start of class. Some other packages may also be requested such as VisionView PC Demo.
  • Quiet workspace to sit for the duration of the class away from distractions where the instructor can be heard easily
  • Webcam so that you can interact with the class and the instructor
  • Either a headset or speakers and a microphone

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Cognex In-Sight Advanced Training


Remote/Online Class