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Kassow robots are uniquely powerful, efficient, and reliable collaborative robots designed to work quickly, precisely and with high payloads - all with outstanding user-friendliness. Each arm is programmed via the intuitive teach pendant and deployed in any cobot application incredibly quickly.

Join the Gibson Engineering team in learning the basic steps & best practices of deploying these robots in redundant, repetitive, or dangerous applications to start gaining a competitive advantage in your industry today!

Hands on training with a robot taught by Gibson Engineering robot specialist, customized training available in Norwood MA or at customer site upon request.

Who should attend

This class is ideal for students that want to familiarize themselves with the hardware & software of Kassow collaborative robots. No previous robot or programming experience needed!

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  • Introduction & review of Kassow robot hardware
  • Overview of Kassow software and programming environment
  • Introduction to CBuns
  • Basic Introduction: EOAT (End of Arm tooling)
    • What EOAT are commonly used with an Kassow Robot?
    • How EOAT can be optimized for your application?
  • Basic Introduction: Vision
    • What common machine vision technology can be integrated with Kassow robots?
    • Common uses/applications of machine vision with collaborative robots
  • Basic Introduction: Safety
    • Safety measures, settings, and considerations when using Kassow robots?
    • What other 3rd Part Safety Equipment can be used with Kassow robots?
  • Programming with Kassow:
    • Jogging the robot
    • Setting up EOAT
    • Creating your first pick & place routine
    • Creating subroutines
    • Saving your program
    • Editing a program

** Agenda can be altered or expanded depending on specific requests

Upcoming Sessions

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