1366 Technology

1366 Technologies

I just want you to know how impressed I am with Gibson Engineering and Jake in particular. He has been a real pleasure to work with. He’s very sharp and gets things done quickly and professionally.

I’m glad we chose to partner with Gibson Engineering and that you are staffed with high quality and enthusiastic team members like Jake who are driven to exceed our expectations.

Laminated films

Laminated Films & Packaging

For the past 6 plus years I’ve been working with Gibson’s Engineering team to incorporate new technology throughout our manufacturing facility.

What I ended up with is a lasting partnership and friendship rather than the typical vendor – customer relationship. Gibson’s team takes great pride in training and product knowledge that in my opinion is second to none.

My number one goal here at Laminated Films is to design and provide the necessary equipment to manufacture whatever type of packaging our current and future customer’s desire. I can say working here for more than 22 years and with great honesty that I am now more equipped to take on any project that is presented to me thanks to them.

Over the next few months and years to come it is my desire to finish replacing and build new manufacturing equipment in our facility. With that said I look forward in working with Gibson as they treat me and my company as their own

Engineering Manager

State Garden

State Garden, Inc.

Gibson’s control panels have always come in professionally built with documents and ready to run, so in turn we have never missed a deadline.

We have continued to work with Gibson Engineering for over 10 years because we can trust them to deliver the highest level of service & support as they always make us feel like we are priority one.

Michael Bruzzese, Director of Facilities



Gibson Engineering has provided us custom built industrial control panels that are of the highest quality at a very reasonable cost. They are always on time and the C-UL certification has helped us expand into the Canadian market!

Brian Kingsbury, Lead Controls Engineer



We have worked closely together to complete many capital projects and upgrades that include panel design, shop wiring & fabrication, PLC & HMI programming, commissioning, startup, and support.

Paul A. Biello, Sr. Electrical Engineer

ID Tech

ID Tech

I wanted to thank Gibson for all the above and beyond support that everyone expects from their suppliers. You folks are working hard to maintain this PARTNERSHIP at its highest level. We here at ID Technology never doubted that when the need arises we'd get the support required, regardless of time or need. I am using our level of partnership as a model to follow by all my other suppliers. Thank you for your continuous support and we are looking forward to expanding our partnership to cover other products and offerings.

Michael Salloum, Director of Operations

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Gibson Engineering collaborates and provides engineering and fabrication services to our team for a variety of different automation related projects. They have provided us with multiple integration tables and the corresponding hard guarding/safety features for robotic cells. The entire process from concept to delivery is streamlined and efficient and the end product meets all specifications. In addition, the Gibson team has also provided fully populated control panels for various projects. The Gibson teams work is of the highest quality and the customer and technical support is outstanding. Our team has increased our collaboration with Gibson year over year as a result of the relationship our team has with them.

Michael DeMalia Jr, Research Engineer

Dart Manufacturing

Dart Manufacturing

Gibson's knowledgeable sales engineers and experienced customer support enable my staff to keep projects moving and meet our deadlines.

David Moses, President

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