Gibson Engineering combines our extensive experience in machine vision and our state of the art vision lab to help provide you the confidence to move projects forward. Our team of application engineers is available to provide you real data to determine the feasibility of vision guidance, inspection, automatic identification, or gauging applications.

We utilize our vast array of available lights, lenses, 2D or 3D vision systems and software to perform these feasibility studies. The results are shared and capabilities explained with a report, images, sample inspection files all provided upon completion. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about how we can help you solve your most challenging applications with machine vision.

Machine Vision Technology

Gibson Engineering is equipped with high-quality, modern vision technology from leading manufacturers to tackle the most difficult machine vision applications. We use the following cutting-edge tools to inspect individual parts critical to your manufacturing processes:

  • 3D and 2D vision systems: We use 2D and 3D vision system technology to perform quality checks and dimension checks on your components.
  • Machine vision lighting: Gibson Engineering uses advanced lighting techniques to create the best contrast & image possible for detailed quality inspections.
  • Machine vision lensing: With specific lenses, Gibson Engineering can ensure a clear & focused image for precise applications or measurements regardless of camera working distance.

Machine Vision Product Solutions

Machine Vision Application Evaluation Process

Machine vision is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process that allows you to automate many of your quality operations and create a more efficient and cost-effective way to produce defect-free parts. Gibson Engineering combines decades of vision experience with our state-of-the-art machine vision technology from leading manufacturers to ensure the accuracy of our machine feasibility studies.

We use a simple, four-step process to evaluate machine vision.

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1. Define Requirements

First, identify the requirements of your vision applications and the components, samples, or products to be tested. Knowing the application requirements allows the Gibson Engineering vision team to recreate your process with as many real-world variables included as possible - building confidence that the evaluation's hardware recommendation will be the correct solution. Necessary application requirements include:

  • Cycle time requirements
  • Inspection criteria, with tolerances
  • Field of view
  • Physical constraints

2. Send Us Parts

Send in all of your sample parts to Gibson Engineering for examination, submitting both bad and good parts in all sizes for the most accurate results. Be sure to include necessary tools and fixtures for assembly, along with pictures or videos of the process. All of these things will help the engineers get a thorough understanding of how your machine/process operates and what variables need to be considered for a successful vision deployment.

3. Proof of Concept

At this stage, the experts at Gibson Engineering will test your parts under various resolution cameras, lighting, styles, and lensing options to achieve optimal imaging & inspection results. We will generate an inspection time analysis and evaluation report to help us determine the success of your machine vision application against your specific parameters.

4. Review the Results

In this final step, Gibson Engineering will give you feedback and samples to illustrate the progress on your components/samples. Through an online or in-person review of the results with our team you'll gain access to valuable sample images, job files, and application feedback from the experts who worked on your project.

At this stage, Gibson Engineering also offers a formal quotation of the solution with pricing & lead time details.

Vision Training Through Gibson

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At Gibson Engineering, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions to help your business optimize its operational processes. We have more than six decades of experience working with numerous industries to adopt more efficient machines and methods. We are experienced in pneumatics, robotics, machine framing, machine control, machine safeguarding and more.

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