CCS America is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality LED lighting for image processing applications. Their innovative designs will give you images of superior quality and maximum contrast.

CCS America Product Solutions

ring light

CCS ring lights offer a wide range of designs where any angle can be created with CCS's unique flexible circuit boards. The required irradiance is ensured by radiating direct light towards the center of the workpiece. The product lineup includes abundant size variations, full color (RGB) models, and satisfying accessories such as the Light Joint Brackets.


CCS backlights provide an area of uniform illumination, oriented behind the object of interest, primarily for creating a part silhouette of instant contrast between dark and light. Light from the LEDs that are arranged around the periphery of the square shaped light-guiding diffusion plate passes through the plate and produce diffused illumination.

square lights

Low-angle square Lights are ideal for imaging square shaped workpiece. These Rectangular Light Units featuring light-guiding plates arranged in four directions radiate uniform diffused light from a low angle formed with the workpiece by transimitting the light from the LEDs through the light-guiding plates.

bar lights

Bar lights feature a emitting surface with LEDs arranged in straight lines radiate direct light. Bar lights offer flexible bright and dark field illumination depending on the number of lights used and the installation position and angle with respect to the workpiece in order to get the optimal image.

flat dome light

Newly developed light guiding plate of the flat dome light offers a clear field of view and are available in 10 sizes, for a total lineup of 40 models. Large sizes up to 300mm and rectangular sizes with four LED colors; red, white, blue and infrared.

coaxial light

Coaxial lights provide a type of diffuse illumination, generated from an internal source. The light is then deflected downward onto the imaging plane via a 50% beamsplitter, which also allows light from the object to be collected by the camera above. Ideal for imaging highly reflective objects or where the area of inspection is obscured by shadows from its surroundings.

line light

High-illuminance line lights are well suited for high-speed line scanning. These high-output line Light Units feature reduced light diffusion. Less diffusion means less loss of light for long-distance irradiation.

spot light

The lightweight and compact spot lights achieve high output through its unique optical design. The LV Spot Lights feature low power consumption. The product lineup includes the LED colors of red (RD), white (SW), blue (BL), and green (GR).

waterproof lights

The waterproof ring lights ensure brightness with condensing lenses. They feature IP67 compliance and M12 connectors.

bar lights

Effilux bar lights offer flexible bright and dark field illumination depending on the number of lights used and the installation position and angle with respect to the workpiece in order to get the optimal image.

  • LED bar light
  • IP67 compact bar light
  • Bar type LED backlights
  • 4 Quadrants bar lights
  • Compact and Mini bar lights
  • IP69K LED bar lights

Effilux backlight sources are placed behind the part to highlight the outline of object.. These lightings offer a very homogeneous, uniform and diffuse light while minimizing the reflections of the object.

dome lights

Effilux dome lights provide an even and homogeneous illumination which is ideal to illuminate objects with reflective, uneven or curved surfaces.

  • Flat LED dome lights
  • Big LED dome lights
  • Small LED dome lights
  • Waterproof LED flat dome lights
line lights

EFFILUX high uniformity LED line lights can be used in conjunction with line scan camera for short and long range line scan inspection applications.

spot lights

EFFILUX offers high intensity & homogeneity spot lights in various sizes and patterns with adjustable working distance and illuminated areas to achieve bright and dark field illumination for applications that require intense illumination in limited space.

ring lights

Ring lights are commonly used to produce darkfield, diffused or directional lighting to illuminate objects in an uniform way. Shadows can be significantly reduced by placing it almost parallel to the camera.

coaxial lights

Effilux coaxial LED lighting emits a diffused light in the axis of the camera. The light is reflected on a half mirror which directs it towards the workpiece. The light from specular reflection is reflected on the camera, while the diffuse light reflected from the target will be blocked.

telecentric lights

At the exit of an Effilux telecentric illumination, the light is collimated. The collimated light is a parrallel structure of light rays from a point source. The illuminated area and light intensity remain the same whatever the distance.

pd2 controller

The PD3 series digital light controllers are equipped for constant lighting, ON/OFF lighting, and strobe lighting modes all in a single unit. There are Parallel, EIA-485, and Ethernet communications models for external control. Select a Digital Control from the PD2 series product lineup of six models according to the required total power consumption and the number of channels.

analog controllers

These analog control units continuously supply power for a lighting. Models with a fixed light-adjustment knob are also available. High-capacity and constant-voltage Control Unit equipped for parallel, serial, and analog external control all in a single unit.

strobe controller

Strobe control unit enables strobe lighting of the LED Light Units. The lighting pulse width can be controlled between 10 and 990 μs at increments of 10 μs. The PF Series control unit for high power strobe LED lights offers adjustable brightness through output voltage control.

poe controller

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enabled LED light controller reduces the number of cables in your system by supplying power and transmitting data using a single LAN cable. Light control via Ethernet communication from your machine vision device or PC. They support 2 lighting modes: continuous and strobe and are available in 2- and 4-channel models.

cc-st controller

CC-ST series compact and lightweight controller for LED Light Units. This unit can be mounted to DIN rails and operates on a 24 VDC input.

telecentric lens

SE-65 series telecentric lenses achieve both "high performance" and "low cost." The product lineup provides magnifications of 0.8x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 4x. Both straight and coaxial lenses are available with a working distance of 65 mm.

macro lenses

These original Macro Lenses achieve both "high performance" and "low cost." The product lineup provides magnifications of 0.5x, 1x, and 2x. Both straight and coaxial lenses are available.

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CCS Inc. is the leading manufacturer of LED lighting for machine vision and is the key to success for machine vision applications. With over 2,000 standard products and more than 4,000 customized products, CCS Inc. has an extensive lineup of lighting products & technologies and upholds the highest quality standard in the LED lighting industry.

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