CCS America is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality LED lighting for image processing applications. Their innovative designs will give you images of superior quality and maximum contrast.

Product Solutions

CCS Standard-Light

CCS has been providing the most reliable, compact LED illuminators in the market.

  • High Density Ring Lights – irradiance focused at the center of the workpiece
  • Low-angle illumination – emphasizes edges, surface damage and engraving
  • LED Bar lights – for wide range of applications
  • Backlight illumination – illuminates workpiece from the back
  • Coaxial Light Units – for mirrored or highly reflective surfaces
EL Series lights

With the EL Series, CCS brings to the market a new range of high-quality plug & play lighting that achieves an innovative advancement in flexible design. The new EL Series includes bar lights and ring lights, which have built-in controllers that deliver auto-strobe functionality. The Auto-strobe functionality allows for easy and safe overdriving, as well as a continuous mode. The EL Series also includes back lights and flat lights with a camera hole, both with integrated dimming controllers, for inspections with a large field of view.