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Swivellink engineered a mounting solution system that provides a completely customizable, configurable and durable solution to mounting lights, cameras or sensors in any application. Swivellink arms can move to virtually any position imaginable, and then lock into position with extreme rigidity, providing a hollow inner core that protects crucial cables from any damage!

Swivellink Product Solutions

mounting plates

Swivellink mounting plates and kits are designed to fit specific camera brands and types as well as light adapter plates for:

  • Machine Vision Lighting
  • HMI's or Monitors
  • Vision cameras
  • Barcode Readers
  • Sensors

Since the design of the mount makes it flexible, you can fine-tune the mounting kit to any position you need. Each mount includes a through-hole for wire management and damage protection.

Available in either metric or imperial versions, you can order individual links or complete, ready-to-assemble kits. Swivellink offers mounting solutions compatible with all Gibson machine vision, lighting and barcode reading products as well as many other brands. The mounting plates are available in XS, Standard and HD series to fit most shapes and sizes of vision products.


  • Combined with various Swivel-Link parts to create endless possibilities and custom assemblies
  • Ball and socket design
  • Fine-tune adjusting


  • Three-dimensional positioning and mounting
  • Flexibility and range, endlessly configurable
  • Works with many vision product brands
end of arm tooling kits

Imagine a simple solution to build a vacuum end-of-arm tool (EoAT) for an industrial robot to pick up virtually any shape or profile. This task can be accomplished quickly and easily by parking the robot in a known pick position, adjusting the EoAT to fit the part, placing the cups where you want to grip, and tightening the knuckles to lock the cups in position.

The EoAT kits by Swivellink work with centralized and decentralized vacuum solutions and nearly any robotic material handling application. The kit includes everything needed — except for vacuum cups and hoses — for adding vacuum capabilities to a standard series product. EoAT kits have multiple variations to fit various applications and are available in metric or imperial.


  • Supply hose route through Swivellink component
  • Side port
  • Internal pressure supply


  • Clean and reliable solution
  • No exposed hoses
  • Ability to be redesigned for use with multiple applications
robot stands

Swivellink’s robust, pre-engineered robot pedestals come in two lines:

  • Standard line: The standard robot stand is made for small, fast-moving robots with industrial torque. It comes in several heights, including 24-, 30-, 36-, 42- and 48-inch options. Available robot adapter plates are designed to pair up with most robot brands (must fit 11-inch x 11-inch base).
  • Cobot line: The cobot line is made for collaborative-style robots. These stands have a through-hole for routing cables. The height selection includes 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 42- and 48-inch options.


  • Leveling and anchoring holes
  • RAL7010 powder coat finish
  • Custom-drilled top plate
  • Welded construction


  • Fits many types of robots
  • Clean look due to hidden cables

Swivellink Tools & Downloads

Swivellink Machine Vision Videos

Machine Vision Mounting Options
Configuring a Machine Vision Mounting Arm


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The Swivellink® product line originally started out with a need to mount operator start buttons onto their own in-house custom-built industrial machinery. They knew the design needed to be both robust and flexible while also serving to protect their expensive button and route the quick disconnect cable internally. A simple wire break or damaged button can cause hours of costly production downtime.

Work With Gibson Engineering to Implement Your Swivellink Products

Gibson Engineering is a distributor of many types of industrial automation equipment, including Swivellink products. We have an in-house robot lab run by a team of engineers with a vast knowledge of robotics, programming and automation. Our engineers understand the specs, setup and applications for Swivellink components, so we can give you the support and training your automation project requires to succeed.

Learn more about Swivellink tools by reading the catalogs and watching the videos on this page. Request a quote for Swivellink products on line today.