SICK is a leader of factory and process automation technology offering photoelectric sensors, safety solutions, machine vision, and bar code scanners.

Featured Technology

microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

The microScan3 Core safety laser scanner from SICK reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points. The microScan3 combines a small compact design and a large scanning range in one device with high performance in even the toughest environments.


PowerProx Sensors

SICK’s PowerProx photoelectric sensors provide reliable object detection over long sensing ranges and at large detection angles.

  • Reliable object detection over long sensing ranges and at large detection angles
  • Precise, simple adjustment using a potentiometer, teach-in button or display
  • Excellent functionality with IO-Link
  • The wide range of variants of the photoelectric sensors are designed to cover a variety of detection requirements

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Product Solutions


SICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. This vast array of industrial sensors encompasses photoelectric, inductive, capacitive and magnetic proximity sensors. SICK also provides advanced sensing solutions for the most difficult applications. Their wide range of specialty sensors includes: contrast, color and registration sensors along with distance measurement sensors.


SICK has opto-electronic safety solutions for hazardous machines and work areas. They continue to develop innovative point-of-operation devices, optical perimeter and area guards. The range from small and compact types to extremely robust and resistant variants that withstand special ambient conditions up to the highest safety level.


SICK's safety controllers provide a simple, flexible, and scalable solution to realize an intelligent machine design. Flexi safety controllers feature a modular hardware platform without the use of complex software. They are simple to operate and can be easily integrated with all safety control components. Their compact design makes these safety controllers ideal for a variety of applications.

Sick Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostics. Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety.


SICK bar code scanners speed up logistics and automation processes. Excellent reading performance ensures the process flow even when the bar codes are damaged or printed poorly. Their high scanning frequency enables high process speed. Whether 1D or 2D, or direct marked codes (e.g., laser, dot peening, ink jet) on metallic, plastic or on paper, they provide an ideal solution for nearly every application.


SICK's vision sensors are easy to use, rugged and reliable. They are designed to be a cost-effective solution for applications that would otherwise require more complicated and expensive vision systems. From part inspection... to verifying presence... to color sorting and optical character recognition, SICK has a solution. SICK smart cameras are high-speed cameras for advanced applications.


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microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner