SICK is a leader of factory and process automation technology offering photoelectric sensors, safety solutions, machine vision and bar code scanners.

Sensing technology has become a staple of the manufacturing industry. These high-tech input devices play a vital role in optimizing industrial automation systems through detecting, analyzing, measuring and processing machine conditions to deliver valuable maintenance insights, ensure accurate positioning and prevent downtime on the job site.

With photoelectric sensors and other advanced automation technologies from SICK Inc., you can secure the cutting-edge solutions you need to protect your equipment, workers and environment.

At Gibson Engineering, we set our customers up with top-of-the-line sensing & machine safety technologies from SICK, a leading global manufacturer of sensors. We'll work with you directly to discuss your application requirements, objectives and obstacles, then we'll use our extensive product knowledge to recommend the best SICK hardware for you. It's our goal to help customers maximize job site performance and efficiency while minimizing downtime.

Featured Technology

nanoScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

nanoScan3 is the smallest safety laser scanner from SICK is perfectly suited for the protection and localization of mobile platforms. Thanks to the reliable safeHDDM® scan technology, it delivers high-precision measurement data and is extremely resistant to light, dust or dirt.

  • Only 80 mm high
  • Protective range: 3 m, scanning angle: 275°
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields
  • Extremely resistant to light, dust and dirt
  • Measurement data via Ethernet interface

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SPEETEC transcends the limits in the monitoring of movements. Non-contact and with no measuring elements or scales, it reliably determines the length, position and speed of all kinds of objects and surfaces.

  • Optical sensors avoids damage and contamination to the surfaces being measured
  • High measurement accuracy and reproducibility
  • Optimized productivity and process quality through measurement without slippage

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SICK Product Solutions

Photoelectric & Distance Sensors

Photoelectric sensors detect objects, abnormalities and changes in surface conditions through various optical properties. These sensing technologies feature an emitter that generates an object's light signals and a receiver that detects these resulting signals.

There are three primary types of photoelectric sensors:

  • Through-beam: These automated sensors can discern when an object interrupts the light beam between each sensor, detecting fill levels, overlapping materials, container contents, object locations and more.
  • Retroreflective: Retroreflective sensing devices detect the presence of large, moving, transparent or reflective objects that interrupt the light path.
  • Diffused: Diffused sensors identify objects when the light beam from the target is reflected back to the sensor. This technology can detect translucent objects, object orientation, web materials and more.

Benefits of Using Photoelectric Sensors

When you purchase SICK Inc. photoelectric sensing technologies from Gibson Engineering, you'll experience all the benefits of these advanced detection devices for your facility, including:

  • Long lifespan.
  • Versatile sensing capabilities.
  • Long detection distances.
  • No-contact detection.
  • Cost-efficient sensing.

SICK Photoelectric Sensors

photoelectric sensors

SICK’s wide range of Photoelectric Sensors utilize precise optics and advanced technology to solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications. By using the latest SIRIC and LED technologies, these sensors offer the highest level of operational reliability regardless of any interference factors.

Fiber Optic Sensors

When installation space is extremely limited or the objects to be detected are tiny, Fiber-optic Sensors are the ideal solution. A wide range of fiber-optic cables with application-specific optical heads ensure that every need is met.

distance sensors

SICK has a wide range of Distance Sensors that measure from sub-micron to kilometers. They solve measuring, detecting and positioning applications using triangulation and time-of-flight modes.

distance sensors

These Laser Displacement Sensors measure precisely with a measuring range of up to 1,00mm. Common measured characteristics include dimension, position and shape.

ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors from SICK use acoustic properties. The sensors accurately detect objects and distances, and with excellent background suppression and resistance against ambient conditions such as dust or fog.

contrast sensor

SICK's line of KT Contrast Sensors detects even the smallest contrasts at the highest speeds, such as print marks on foils or packaging. They detect minute grayscale variations between the mark and the background on matte, shiny or transparent surfaces. A variety of device types with different contrast resolution methods and teach-in versions are available to meet wide-ranging requirements.

color sensor

Color Sensors detect the color of a surface. The sensors cast light (red, green and blue LEDs) on the objects to be tested, calculate the chromaticity coordinates from the reflected radiation and compare them with previously stored reference colors.

fork sensor

SICK Fork Sensors combine senders and receivers in a single housing, meaning that they can be adjusted quickly. Thanks to the precise, focused light beam and the high detection accuracy, the sensors also detect very minor light attentuation differences.

glare sensor

The Glare Sensor detects and distinguishes glare on even surfaces. Gloss properties are a distinguishing criterion for process control – regardless of color, transparency or pattern. Equipped with intelligent Delta-S-Technology, Glare is a further milestone in customer-oriented sensor development.

luminescence sesnsors

Luminescence Sensors detect visible and non-visible marks that illuminate when using ultraviolet (UV) light. Fluorescent material and marks are reliably detected independently of their pattern, colors or surface conditions on any material.

inductive sensors

SICK Inductive Sensors utilize the latest ASIC technology and are available in cylindrical or rectangular sensors with single, double or triple operating distances.

capacitive sensors

Capacitive Proximity Sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. From solid material, such as paper or wood, to granules or liquids, they reliably detect the status of the product during the production process and final inspection. Sensing ranges between 1 and 25 mm allow them to be used in nearly all installation situations, making them extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications.

magnetic sensors

Magnetic Proximity Sensors provide long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects, with entirely new application options opened up due to the smaller magnets. MM sensors in NAMUR design for the use in explosion-hazardous areas complete this comprehensive product family.

Inertia sensors

Inclination Sensors take a non-contact measurement of the inclination angle of an object in relation to the earth's gravity. Thanks to the use of capacitive MEMS technology, inclination sensors are both highly precise and extremely reliable. Dynamic inclination sensors consist of an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope. The fusion of data from the two components provides precise and incredibly reliable information about the current inclination of an object. One-dimensional sensors measure the inclination of an axis to 360°, whereas two-dimensional sensors are able to monitor two axes simultaneously to ±90°.

cylinder sensors

Innovative Magnetic Cylinder Sensors feature the option of an analog output, optimum switching characteristics, suitability for food and beverage industry, support of the latest IO-Link technology, and universal mounting options and a comprehensive range of adapters.

level sensors

Whether for continuous Level Measurement, point level measurement or both – SICK offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage, and protection. Based on the installation situation, medium properties and ambient conditions, SICK provides sensors that ensure efficient processes.

flow sensors

SICK provides innovative sensor solutions for Flow Measurement technology which combine flexible measuring methods and rugged equipment design with cost-efficient connection concepts to integrate higher-level systems. Whether you need to detect the current flow rate value using analog values or find the quantity using pulse detection – SICKs flow sensors are always reliable and safe and can work with a wide range of media under difficult process and ambient conditions.

pressure sensor

SICK offers a portfolio of electronic Pressure Measurement transmitters and switches that can be adapted to individual customer requirements because of intelligent and varied configuration options. Typically, all SICK devices feature the use of high-quality materials, rugged properties and precise measurement technology.

temperature sensor

With its product portfolio of screw-in and insertion thermometers as well as Temperature Switches SICK offers high-quality solutions for contact temperature measurement in liquids and gases. The devices can optimally be adapted to meet individual requirements through its various insertion lengths and the flexible mechanical configuration possibilities.

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety devices are mandatory protection for workers in hazardous areas containing automated machinery, vehicles or robots. This hardware is used to safeguard machines across all industries, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical processing, packaging, woodworking, textiles, and more.

As a global manufacturer of sensors, SICK Inc. develops numerous high-quality safety devices, including:

  • Laser scanners: When this safety sensing device detects the presence of a person or object within a hazardous area, it'll send a stop signal to its corresponding machine to prevent injury. It'll also stop the machine if it detects an internal fault.
  • Light curtains: Safety light curtains create a virtual barrier around a hazard using photoelectric sensors. When the light curtain detects an internal fault or something between the transmitter and receiver, the sensors will send a signal to stop the machine.
  • Safety controllers: Safety controllers direct and automate industrial machines and equipment, using stop and start functions to promote safe work environments and prevent operator accidents.

Benefits of Industrial Safety Hardware

When you come to Gibson Engineering for industrial safety hardware for your facility, we'll set you up with SICK sensing technology that's ideal for your individualized needs. Some of the many advantages of using automation safety devices in your industrial workplace include:

  • Reducing the risk of worker injury.
  • Delivering fast emergency responses.
  • Preventing accidents.
  • Creating greater workplace awareness.
  • Promoting area protection.
  • Incorporating access controls.

SICK Industrial Safety Hardware

safety controller

SICK's Safety Controllers provide straightforward, flexible and scalable solutions for the implementation of intelligent machine design. Flexi safety controllers create a modular hardware platform without the use of complex software. They are user-friendly and provide the ideal basis for easy integration of all safety control components. Their compact design makes these safety controllers optimally suited for a variety of applications.

light curtains

Safety Light Curtains reliably and cost-effectively protect against access into hazardous points and areas. They range from small and compact types to extremely robust and resistant variants that withstand special ambient conditions up to the highest safety level.

safety scanner

SICK Safety Laser Scanners combine know-how and experience with maximum performance. Whether mobile or stationary, for area protection or access protection, indoors or outdoors – this comprehensive portfolio offers the right cost-effective package for each and every requirement. Using the time-of-flight measurement principle, the compact devices scan their surroundings and measure distances. An integrated rotating mirror allows protection areas defined by the customer to be monitored in two dimensions.

non contact switches

Non-contact Safety Switches are ideal in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult. They are resistant to shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering. This range of non-contact safety switches includes magnetic, transponder and inductive safety switches. Rectangular and cylindrical types are available for each sensor principle.

mechanical switches

Electro-mechanical Safety Switches monitor movable physical guards both efficiently and reliably. The portfolio consists of three product groups: safety position switches, safety hinge switches and safety switches with a separate actuator. Safety switches with locking function lock protective devices securely and prevent access to areas which are protected by protective devices.

safety encoders

SICK's reliable Safety Encoders assist in the implementation of safety functions, facilitating safe and efficient machine operation. Functional safety encoders generate information about position, angle and revolution counts, with a particular emphasis on mechanical and electrical safety.

absolute encoders

SICK’s flexible, compact and reliable Absolute Encoders generate information about position, angle and rotation counts in type-specific angle steps. For this, a unique code pattern is assigned to each angle increment. The number of code patterns available per revolution determines the resolution. Each code pattern forms a unique reference, and is therefore an absolute position.

incremental encoders

SICK Incremental Encoders generate information about position, angle and rotation counts. The resolution is defined in the number of lines or pulses per rotation, which the encoder transmits to the control unit for each rotation. The current position can be determined by the control unit by counting these pulses.

linear encoders

SICK Linear Encoders detect linear movements as absolute position values without making contact. No reference run is required for the wear- and maintenance-free encoders. Different constructions with high resolution and rugged design enable use in a wide range of applications and industries.

wire draw encoders

SICK's Wire Draw Encoders facilitate positioning on linear measurement path and support a large selection of interfaces and facilitate easy system integration for applications in challenging industrial settings.

measuring wheel

SICK Measuring Wheel systems use a wheel to record linear movements, which they then convert to speed or position values. These systems do not require a reference point on the surface to be measured, making them well-suited to measuring a wide range of surfaces. The integrated spring ensures that the wheel exerts a consistent pressure on the surface, thereby guaranteeing slip-free measurement.

2d vision

SICK offers a powerful 2D Machine Vision Sensor portfolio designed to manage challenges in all industries where a standard sensor would not work. These vision sensors provide a full toolset for positioning, inspection, measurement and reading, depending on the variant. A flexible optical design fulfills the needs of almost all applications. Simplicity is ensured by automatic setup, intelligent algorithms and a common, intuitive user interface.

3d vision

SICK's 3D Vision series offers a wide range of powerful and flexible products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. They range from versatile high-speed cameras that deliver high quality 3D and contrast images to smart and configurable stand-alone sensors that facilitate rapid development and easy integration. Their scalability ensures a perfect fit with your 3D vision application.


Radio-based RFID Technologies in the HF (high frequency) and UHF (ultra high frequency) ranges supplement SICK’s industrial automation portfolio. In applications where process-relevant data is modified remotely, RFID makes it possible to store data on writable and rewritable media. And, in contrast to optical solutions, RFID provides reliable identification of all objects – despite dirt and everyday wear.

barcode readers

Laser and Image-based Barcode Readers provide flexibility, high performance, convenience and simplicity. Even at fast conveyor speeds, SICK image code readers can reliably detect and evaluate 1D, 2D, DPM (direct part marking) and partially damaged codes.

light grids

SICK’s Automation Light Grids can be used in a number of two-dimensional inspection or counting tasks such as detecting and counting irregularly shaped objects. They offer multiple ranges, heights, sizes, orientations and resolutions.

lidar sensors

2D LiDAR Laser Sensors are suitable for performing detection and ranging tasks on surfaces. Regardless of the angle of installation, SICK 2D LiDAR sensors operate with consistent reliability and accuracy, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. For navigation, detection or measurement: 2D LiDAR sensors supply reliable measurement data for a whole host of tasks. 3D LiDAR sensors detect their environment nearly gap-free, regardless of whether the objects move or not. That is why 3D LiDAR sensors are ideally suited for tasks such as collision protection on automated vehicles or the scanning of objects.

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