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In this hands-on, lab-based class you'll address standard and complex safety applications involving e-stops, light curtains, interlocks and safety scanners as they get wired into a configurable safety controller which can also be networked back to your machine control device over several different industrial protocols.

Because of the application flexibility of the controller we're also offering a safety starter kit at a dramatically reduced cost.

Safety Starter Kit Hardware Package:

  • CPU3 Safety Controller
  • MPL System and Memory Plug
  • USB Programming Cable
  • Safety I/O(12) Module
  • Non-safety I/O(12) Module

Who should attend

Anyone who is responsible for implementing or maintaining the safe operation of machinery or the manufacturing process.


  • Review terminology and safety practices
  • OSSD
  • Safety relays
  • Wiring contactors
  • Control reliable wiring
  • External device monitoring
  • Function of an E-stop


Every attendee to this course uses a pre-packaged ready to program training station which contains everything you need to get started with SICK Safety products.

The kit comes with:

  1. SICK Flexi Soft CPU3
  2. SICK Flexi Classic UE410-4R0 Safety Relay Module
  3. SICK Flexi Soft XTIO & STIO I/O Modules
  4. SICK 16S Mechanical Safety Switch
  5. SICK E-Stop, Reset Swwitch, & Configurable Buttons

Registraion for class provides each attendee with the following hardware to keep:

  1. SICK Flexi Soft CPU3
  2. SICK MPL System and Program Memory Plug
  3. SICK Flexi Soft XTIO & STIO I/O Modules
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Please click on the Registration Link to see the location of the training. Some trainings are in-person at one of our training facilities and some are held on-line. The requirements change based on whether the training is in-person or online. Please see below.

In-Person Class Details

In-person classes utilizes a custom Sick Flexi-Soft demo case with various switches and lamps. Computers are provided by Gibson for this training, however students are also welcome to bring their own laptops if they have already installed the Sick Flexi-Soft Designer programming software. Customers will leave with the Safety Start Kit as listed above. This kit is not wired or pre-programmed.

Online Class Details

Online classes utilize a custom Sick Flexi-Soft demo case with various switches and lamps. The demo cases will be shipped to customers prior to the class and must be returned after class is complete. Customers will also receive the Safety Start Kit as listed above which they keep at the end of class. This kit is not wired or pre-programmed.


  • Sick Flexi-Soft Designer Software pre-installed on the student’s PC
  • Quiet workspace to sit for the duration of the class away from distractions where the instructor can be heard easily
  • Webcam so that you can interact with the class and the instructor
  • Either a headset or speakers and a microphone

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming sessions for this class available at the moment. Please contact our training department at [email protected] to schedule a custom class at your facility or ours.