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In this hands-on, lab-based class you'll address standard and complex safety applications involving e-stops, light curtains, interlocks and safety scanners as they get wired into a configurable safety controller which can also be networked back to your machine control device over several different industrial protocols.

Because of the application flexibility of the controller we're also offering a safety starter kit at a dramatically reduced cost.

Safety Starter Kit Hardware Package:

  • CPU3 Safety Controller
  • MPL System and Memory Plug
  • USB Programming Cable
  • Safety I/O(12) Module
  • Non-safety I/O(12) Module

Who should attend

Anyone who is responsible for implementing or maintaining the safe operation of machinery or the manufacturing process.


  • Review terminology and safety practices
  • OSSD
  • Safety relays
  • Wiring contactors
  • Control reliable wiring
  • External device monitoring
  • Function of an E-stop


Every attendee to this course uses a pre-packaged ready to program training station which contains everything you need to get started with SICK Safety products.

The kit comes with:

  1. SICK Flexi Soft CPU3
  2. SICK Flexi Classic UE410-4R0 Safety Relay Module
  3. SICK Flexi Soft XTIO & STIO I/O Modules
  4. SICK 16S Mechanical Safety Switch
  5. SICK E-Stop, Reset Swwitch, & Configurable Buttons

Registraion for class provides each attendee with the following hardware to keep:

  1. SICK Flexi Soft CPU3
  2. SICK MPL System and Program Memory Plug
  3. SICK Flexi Soft XTIO & STIO I/O Modules


  • PC, Microphone, and speakers
  • Webcam (Recommended)
  • Second Monitor (Recommended)

Upcoming Sessions

Machine Safety Technology & Safe Controls


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