W10 photoelectric sensors

Easy to install. Easy to operate. The one photoelectric proximity sensor for all applications.

The W10 photoelectric proximity sensor’s ease of use, sturdy design and performance make it ideal for precise object detection in demanding environments. The touchscreen display is intuitive to use, allowing parameters to be set quickly. Situation-dependent teach-ins allow convenient sensor adaptation to individual applications. The fact that various MultiMode functions and configurations, such as foreground and background suppression, are combined in a single sensor allows success in a wide range of applications.





Ensure confidence with an easy-to-use, end-to-end sensor experience

Reliable, repeatable detection raises efficiency in many applications

Convenient product selection by driving the elimination of selection

Ideally suited even to harsh and challenging application environments

Universally applicable

Quick installation and commissioning

Optional security – avoid costly down time and reconfiguration



The world’s first photoelectric sensor with touchscreen display-enabled sensor with refined user-interface allowing simple operation

High performance thanks to a precise laser triangulation system with line scanning

Buy one, manage one, inventory one, train one, troubleshoot one, replace one

Sturdy design with 316L stainless steel housing and IP69k protection rating

MultiMode functions such as speed, standard, and precision mode, foreground and background suppression, and teach options

Standardized mounting, pre-configured settings and multiple teach-in options for simple sensor integration

Button-free interface with lockout ability



Easy to install. Easy to operate.

The W10 photoelectric proximity sensor is a simple and intuitive sensor solution that provides the ultimate user experience. The industry’s first touchscreen display in this product category simplifies installation, configuration and maintenance. The easy navigation greatly reduces the time it takes to get the device up and running.

w10 sensor

Eliminate unplanned downtime: Define access restrictions to improve security and prevent unwanted changes during operation.


Start using the W10 for many typical applications straight away using its factory settings.


Two color indicator LEDs provide immediate visual feedback for the detection status.

feeder bowl

Impressive performance. In a multitude of applications

No matter where you integrate the W10, it will get the job done. By utilizing dynamic algorithms designed for specific use cases, it achieves high reliability with good repeatability. The sensor has a variety of operating modes and configurations so that it can be adapted to the specific application which extracts the best possible performance.

speed sensor

From speed mode for high-speed applications, to precision mode for precise positioning tasks, to standard mode for use in harsh conditions – the W10 is optimized for user success.


Configurations such as foreground and background suppression can be selected via the intuitive touch display to boost detection quality.


In addition to the common Single Value Teach, which detects objects at a defined distance, a Two Value Teach allows objects of different heights to be detected without increasing the risk of detection errors. A manual mode extends the teach options and provides high flexibility.


One sensor. Countless applications.

Ultimately, choosing a photoelectric proximity sensor depends on how reliable it is and how easily it can be adapted to the application requirements. The W10 photoelectric sensor is a straightforward solution that simply works. Whether you’re looking for a painless installation and commissioning experience, or for a way to streamline the supply chain, the different operating modes and configurations allow this sensor to quickly adapt to a wide range of requirements. The W10 may be the only photoelectric sensor you will ever need.

two versions

Only two versions with different fronts: one for standard 1-inch hole mounting and one for hybrid installation via the threaded M18 front or side 1-inch mounting hole.

perfect solutions

The limited number of versions puts an end to the convoluted search for the perfect solution.


Thanks to the variety of built-in capabilities, users benefit from a versatile sensor that delivers tailored performance in a wide range of applications.

The W10 is an all-round solution which offers unparalleled flexibility. A single sensor can be put into stock instead of many different ones with similar properties.