Robotunits is a global manufacturer of a Modular Automation System for production equipment. This includes Conveyor and Linear Motion Technology, Material Handling, as well as Machine Framing and Guarding. The core of Robotunits is its unique aluminum extrusion & fastening technology which strictly follows a lean manufacturing concept of "More with Less".

Featured Technology

Flexible Modular Belt Conveyors

Robotunits has developed a unique service-friendly modular belt conveyor, for use in harsh conditions. With this technology extremely flexible conveyor lines can be created, that are wider, longer and with the proper selection of belt. Straight, curved and gradients can be combined to user-defined sizes.


Safety Fencing

Robotunits safety fence system is a straightforward and safe way to protect an area of a machine or process area. Completely prefabricated safety fence elements are ordered and can be easily and quickly assembled by just one person offering a flexible and time-saving safety system.

safety fencing

Robotunits Product Solutions


Robotunits Extrusion Technology provides a complete Modular Automation System with maximum design and assembly possibilities with minimal time investment. The key element of the system is a unique extrusion technology, available in 40mm and 50mm sizes, which are fully compatible with each other and all other components. This allows assemblies to be constructed in a fraction of time compared to other extrusion brands. They utilize one slot size that allows new dimensions in design and assembly speed while maintaining vibration-resistant connections and unprecedented strength.

Unlimited reusability. Because you can connect our components without any drilling or milling, you can reuse our extrusions and save on material costs.

Easy post-assembly changes. Easily integrate or reposition struts post-assembly without dismantling the frame or cutting the existing structure.

Save time and cut costs. Our modular systems keep your assembly time to a minimum. Extrusion length is the only measurement you need—no boreholes or drawings required.

safety fence

Robotunits safety fence system is a straightforward and safe way to protect an area of a machine or process area. Completely prefabricated safety fence elements are ordered and can be easily and quickly assembled by just one person offering a flexible and time-saving safety system.

machine frame

Robotunits Extrusion is the perfect solution for building machine frames due to the connection durability and vibration resistance. Frames and Safety guarded can be ordered from the Gibson team in kits for your team to put together at your facility or they can arrive fully assembled depending on your needs!

belt conveyors

Configure your belt conveyors according to your requirements: your choice of belt types, customized drive position and speed. Each belt conveyor can be delivered with a conveyor stand, flexible side guides and many other elements from the Modular Automation System.

modular conveyor

The Modular Belt Conveyor for rough operation, transporting cut parts or heavy-duty loads. A lean design allows the goods to be pushed off or stowed sideways. A wide range of attachments and coating available.

timing belts

The Timing Belt Conveyors are used for precise placement and positioning as well as for the transportation of bulky or heavy parts. A v-guiding timing belt guarantees perfect tracking. The belt surface is available with different covers or attachments. High-quality connection shafts allow you to connect single-lane conveyors to multi-lane setups.

power roller

The Powered Roller Conveyors are 24V conveyors for precise and efficient transportation of containers, totes and boxes. Ideal for zero-pressure accumulation, each zone can be controled separately. The control units are pre-installed inside extrusion, covered and ready to use (plug-and-play).

side guides

Compatible in the entire modular automation system, the Robotunits Side Guide System is mounted and adjusted quickly and easily with a maximum of one tool. The Side Guide Plastic can be individually adapted to the conveyor line. Both variants, with adjustable Side Guide Base or with rigid Side Guide Clip, are swivelled into the 14 mm standard T-Slot of the Extrusion without tools. A wide range of applications can be realized with few components and little effort.


Based on proven Extrusion and Fastening Technology, Robotunits has developed Linear Motion Units that meet the highest expectations of our customer in versatility, stability and efficiency. Robotunits offers a Linear Motion System of the highest quality, offering maximum cost and time saving potential in design and assembly. Additions are implemented easily and efficiently.

  • Quick modular construction
  • Seamlessly integrated in the entire modular automation system
  • Guide rail can be integrated post assembly
  • Economical and customizable linear motion system
  • Short design and assembly time


Omega precise linear technology can be used as individual unit or x-y-z gantry for the transport and exact positioning of parts.

  • Base extrusion 50x100 mm (PIL5010)
  • Standard carriage plate 400x150 mm
  • Net weight of drive unit without motor 15 kg

Tools & Downloads

Robotunits Videos

40-Series Fastening System
50-Series Fastening System
Robotunits Introduction
Powered Roller Conveyor System

Robotunits Lean Manufacturing Concept: More with Less

The idea of the Robotunits Modular Automation System is to use the least possible number of components to offer a maximum of possible solutions. For Robotunits customers, this translates into time and cost savings in design, logistics, storage, training and assembly.

Although there are various options in both the 40- and 50-millimeter extrusion families, both sizes are compatible thanks to their 14-millimeter T-slot. By standardizing the slot in this way, you reduce hardware by a factor of three , and all hardware can be used interchangeably. By contrast, other Cartesian system manufacturers require a new set of components any time they change extrusion size.

Robotunits Applications

Success is often measured by efficiency and speed, this means always keeping one step ahead regarding the time required for delivery, design, and assembly. Contact the Gibson Engineering team today to review your machine frame, guard, or conveyor needs & see what Robotunits can do for your team.