Mitsubishi Electric ASSISTA Truly Collaborative Robot

September 30, 2020

The new collaborative robot from Mitsubishi Electric, MELFA ASSISTA Cobot is an industrial-grade robot that offers maximum safety and durability in applications where human operators are present. Cutting-edge servo technology, the MELSERVO-J5, allows the ASSISTA Cobot to be compact and slim, giving mechanical designers greater flexibility on where and how the cobot can be used.

Teaching the new MELFA ASSISTA Cobot from Mitsubishi Electric is simple with the direct teach functionality; just pull the arm to a desired position and save it using the cobot’s built-in control panel. The built-in controls eliminate the need for an external teach pendant since operators can teach positions, control the hand, reset errors, and start programs, directly from the robot.

Programming the new MELFA ASSISTA Cobot for more complex operations can be done using the new visual programming software from Mitsubishi Electric, RT Visualbox. The RT-Visualbox package focuses on simplicity of use, allowing for drag-and-drop programming that allows parameter adjustments for each step – no advanced robot programming knowledge or training is needed to create new programs!

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