Mitsubishi RV-FR High Payload Robots

May 22, 2024

Mitsubishi’s exciting new RV-35FR, RV-50FR, and RV-80FR robots feature payloads of 35, 50, and 80 kg respectively. With an impressive reach of 2100 mm and a comprehensive range of safety features, these robots are ideal for end-of-line palletizing, packaging, pick-and-place, and large machine tending.

These robots use the next generation CR860 controller which has all of the same features and capabilities of Mitsubishi’s standard controller but can handle the larger robot capacity.

  • FR Series robots can now handle payloads up to 80 kg (176 lbs)
  • 2,100 mm (82 in) reach allows for an expanded work envelope
  • Next generation intelligence for improved accuracy and simplified installation
  • Comprehensive range of safety functions including speed and position monitoring allows collaborative work cells

Download the RV-35/50/80FR Product Overview