ACS Motion Control develops and manufactures high-performance machine control systems that enhance design flexibility, increase system performance, maximize accuracy and speed up time to market. ACS has headquarters in Israel with technical sales and support offices worldwide. The company's core capabilities include advanced control algorithms for precision motion stages, EtherCAT-based motion controller design expertise and application development for software tools.

ACS Motion Control Product Solutions


ACS Motion Control SPiiPlus Platform

Motion controllers in the SPiiPlus series feature designs that meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) requiring high-demand multi-axis motion control solutions. These controllers offer profile generation algorithms and robust application development capabilities to increase motion system performance and functionality. The EtherCAT master motion controller delivers superior flexibility, with the ability to control any third-party EtherCAT device or any product in the SPiiPlus line.

ecm series

ACS Motion Control ECM Series

ECM motion controllers with integrated drives offer a compact solution to OEMs with cost-sensitive applications. ECM products utilize the same powerful tuning, development, programming and performance analysis tools as the SPiiPlus product series. The advanced servo drive technology in the ECM enables system designers to control nearly any type of stage or motor.

idm series

ACS Motion Control IDM Servo Drives

The intelligent drive module (IDM) series of servo motors offers single and multi-axis drives to meet the needs of OEM designers wanting to increase motion throughput and accuracy in demanding applications involving rotary motion and high-precision linear stages. These drives provide fast sampling, advanced power electronics and robust control algorithms for EtherCAT-based control systems.

npa series

ACS NPA Analog Interface Servo Drives

NPA series servo drives are ideal for OEMs requiring a nanometer-level multi-axis solution for a third-party controller with commutated analog current commands. These devices combine NanoPWM technology and powerful servo control algorithms to increase motion system performance while offering a more dependable alternative to most linear drives.


ACS Smarter Motion Tools Software

Smarter Motion Tools (SMT) is a Windows-based solution that automates repeatable measurements, streamlines defining specification requirements for motion execution and analyzes the performance of systems powered by ACS motion controller designs.

SMT software offers three different operating versions with a single download package supporting each version. This out-of-the-box solution eliminates the need to create and maintain a customized program for motion stage performance analysis.

ACS Motion Control Videos

IDMsm Series

Learn More About ACS Motion Control Products With Gibson Engineering

Gibson Engineering is pleased to partner with ACS Motion Control to offer one of the industry's most comprehensive selections of motion controller and drive solutions. Together, we deliver products that satisfy the rising demands for increased precision and throughput among OEM machine builders worldwide. Contact the Gibson Engineering team for a quote or additional product information.