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Apera Vue AI-powered computer vision provides human-like speed and perception for robotic guidance in bin picking, packaging, assembly, kitting and other challenging applications. Apera’s core technology is called 4D Vision, which is built around proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that control robotic pose estimation and path planning, and object recognition.

Apera Product Solutions

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Vue is computer vision software that guides robots as they move and handle objects. Apera Autopilot enables the robot to take the best path in and out of a movement. The robot and the object it is handling will not collide with other objects in the environment.

Apera Dexterity enables the robot to be able to grasp and precisely place objects. The robot will find the most pickable object in a complex array, align it to the needed position and precisely place it.

apera 4d vision

Apera's AI-powered 4D Vision technology goes beyond 3D capabilities. Our customers gain speed, intelligence and perception in their workcells, and can do it with simpler hardware than 3D systems.

The 4D total vision cycle time is lower than any other vision technology—as fast as 3 Hz or 0.3 seconds. A robotic workcell guided by 4D Vision can handle a wider array of objects, including clear, reflective, nested and highly similar parts.

Like humans, Apera AI systems can operate under ambient light without precise fixtures, structured light or lasers. We can hit the industry benchmark of 99% reliability with less hardware and expense involved.

Apera Videos

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AI-Powered Robotic Vision

Gibson Robotics Lab

At Gibson Engineering, we pair our extensive robotics experience with our cutting-edge robotics lab to provide customers with the information they need to confidently pursue even their most complex industrial projects.

We have the resources and technologies to deliver complimentary online and in-person demos, depending on your preferences. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can also conduct application testing and proof of concept testing in your lab or through software simulations. We'll provide you with real data to help you understand your facility's capabilities and challenges while determining how feasible your robotic applications are. Then, we can help you secure the Epson robots that best suit your needs.