Arcus Servo Motion is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies that enable truly intelligent edge analytics and control to your existing motion systems.

Product Solutions

TITAN Controller

TITAN controllers provide powerful, intelligent servo motion control that works universally with most commonly used motor types. TITAN servo controllers have many advanced servo control features and set the foundation for the Servo 5.0 standard.

TITAN servo motor controllers come in various models and communication options to meet every motion control need.

integrated motors

TITAN Integrated Servo Motors have a controller, driver, motor, encoder, and Edge intelligence integrated into a single, compact unit. Effortless setup and configuration, user-friendly graphical interface, and straightforward programming language enable anyone to easily start up the motion system with TITAN Integrated Servo Motors.

TITAN Integrated Servo Motors come with 2ndSight Edge Intelligence that enables learning, analyzing, and monitoring of the motion system’s state and performance.