COVAL's vision as vacuum managers is to be the world's leading solution provider in vacuum automation technology. And through innovative company culture, service excellence and knowledge sharing be a driving force in the business performance of our clients worldwide. Being a vacuum manager means going beyond the limits of a traditional component supplier.

Featured Technology

CVGL Vacuum Gripper with Communication Interface

The CVGL vacuum gripper with communication interface is characterized by its lightness and great adaptability. It is available as standard in several lengths, power ratings, and gripping interfaces.

The communicating configuration, which makes the vacuum grippers easier to use and parameterize, is obtained by integrating the CMS HD VX version of the multistage pump.

cvgl grippers

LEMCOM Vacuum Gripper with Fieldbus Communication

LEMCOM Series is the 1st mini-vacuum pump with integrated fieldbus communications. The LEMCOM is based on an innovative, efficient product structure: The "master" module manages communication on the fieldbus, assures management of the "secondary" modules and is a fully-integrated vacuum pump. Its 2 communication ports enable a continuous fieldbus.

lem com

COVAL Product Solutions

suction cups

Vacuum Suction Cups

COVAL suction cups adapt to all types of applications in branches of industry such as packaging, plastics, food, sheet metal etc. These suction cups meet a wide range of technical specifications thanks to a diverse choice of shapes, diameters and materials. COVAL offers a full range of fittings adapted to the suction cups, compatible for all types of applications.

  • Flat suction cups for gripping flat objects, high precision, vertical loads
  • Bellows suction pads for round or cylindrical objects
  • 2500 models, available in various materials
specialty cups

Special Purpose Suction Cups

COVAL's vocation as vacuum managers has led the company to develop customized suction cups for one-off applications. As a result of close partnership with their clients, the specific suction cups range permits the handling of: eggs, buns, bottles, paper, plastic bags etc.

  • FPC Series – FlowPack suction cups
  • MVS Series – Soft and flexible suction cups
  • MVP Series – Suction cups for packaging with 4.5 bellow
vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pumps

COVAL offers diverse vacuum generators with or without silencers. The micro/mini ejectors are particularly well suited for robotics and multiple or random gripping applications. In-line ejectors can be mounted directly on the suction cup which simplifies wiring and installation. The modular vacuum pumps provide noise reduction, low energy consumption and increased life expectancy. Simplicity of installation, modularity, light weight and clog free performance.

vacuum switches

Vacuum Switch Range

COVAL offers a wide range of vacuum switches: high precision, universal solutions, choice of versions: electric, electronic, digital or pneumatic.

  • PSK Series – Mini vacuum switch
  • PSD 100 Series – Vacuum switch with 3-color display
  • PSA 100C Series – Electronic vacuum switch with display
  • PSP 100 Series – Electronic vacuum switch
  • PSP 100ANA – Electronic vacuum switch analog output
  • PSE 100E Series – Electric vacuum switch
vacuum grippers

Vacuum Grippers

COVAL develops customized solutions on demand for automated applications in various sectors, such as packaging, food processing and plastic processing.

From components for vacuum automation to complete grippers, our know-how and experience allow us to assist you with the technical definition of a solution that will perfectly meet your needs and requirements.

  • CVGC Series – Vacuum grippers for Cobots
  • CVGL Series – Compact and light vacuum grippers
  • MVG Series – Modular vacuum grippers
  • CVGM Series – Mini vacuum gripper
  • CSGS Series – Bag/sacks gripping system
  • VAL Series – COVAL grippers

The engineering team at Gibson Engineering can help you find the best vacuum solutions for your application and implement it. Contact Gibson Engineering to discuss your next vacuum application!