HEIDENHAIN develops machine tools and processing systems for electronic components, including linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders and computer numerical controls (CNCs). HEIDENHAIN's product portfolio also features digital readouts, touch probes, length gauges, camera systems and testing devices.

The company leverages decades of engineering experience with the industry's most advanced technology to produce accurate products with superior repeatability and reproducibility. Customers benefit from dynamic machine performance, maximum efficiency, dependable processes and easy operation.

HEIDENHAIN Product Solutions

linear encoders

Heidenhain Linear Encoders

Linear encoders suit applications requiring high machining speeds and precise position accuracy. HEIDENHAIN linear encoders measure linear axis positioning without mechanical elements interfering. This feature eliminates potential measuring issues caused by pitch errors, backlash or ball screw overheating.

Sealed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN provide optimal protection from splash water, dust and chips and work well in manual and numerically controlled machine tools.

No mechanical contact exists between the scanning head and scale or scale tape on the exposed linear encoders. Applications for exposed linear encoders include measuring and production equipment for semiconductors, direct drive systems and pick-and-place machines.

angle encoders

Heidenhain Angle Encoders

Angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN produce precision angular measurements within a few arc seconds. Various design modules offer reliable and accurate solutions for many applications, including sealed models for more power, modular options for flexibility and angular designs for enhanced accuracy.

Due to their superior precision, angle encoders with integrated bearings are perfect for printing machines and machine tools. The interplay between the high-precision bearings and the modules delivers superior measuring accuracy, exceptional repeatability, high resolution and easy installation.

With a choice between magnetic or optical scanning and features like scale drums, circular scales and scanning heads, users can match modular angle encoders to many applications.

rotary encoders

Heidenhain Rotary Encoders

Operations worldwide have trusted HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders for their comprehensive range of features and easy installation. Premium quality, superior precision and rugged durability — combined with top-class speed and positioning measurement — make them perfect for various applications like machine tools, measuring devices, robots and testing equipment.

Rotary encoders installed externally on electric motors and machines can operate in temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius with a protection rating of up to IP66. Rotary encoders installed internally on motor housings or inside devices can perform in temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius with protection ratings up to IP40.

Source HEIDENHAIN Encoders With Gibson Engineering

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