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Intelligent Actuator (IAI) is a leader in linear electric actuators and low cost, high performance SCARA robots. IAI is also leading the transition away from pneumatics to cost-effective, low-maintenance, and fully programmable electric cylinders.

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The easy ELECYLINDER from IAI is designed for simplicity from start-up to maintenance. Speed / Acceleration settings can be set in just 5 minutes. No time-consuming programming is necessary. You can also operate it with ON / OFF signals, like a solenoid valve.

  • Start and end points can be set at any value
  • Built-in controller requires no control panel space
  • Reduces electric bills, the higher the operational frequency, the greater the savings

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IXA SCARA – Fastest in the Industry!

The high-speed IXA SCARA Robot holds the fastest cycle times for the IAI robotics line and yet achieves a lower price than previous SCARA models. The arch motion smoothly blends both horizontal and vertical motion to accomplish continuous high-speed cycle times. The new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models. Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.

  • Fastest in the Industry
  • Achieves lower price
  • Low Vibration, accurate positioning
  • Equipped with a battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard

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IAI Product Solutions


IAI ROBO Cylinder

The RCP6 Series ROBO Cylinder® are equipped with high resolution battery-less absolute encoder as standard which means that battery maintenance is not required. With multiple positioning capability and ±.02mm Repeatability, ROBO Cylinders feature programmable velocity control, acceleration & deceleration, and torque control (Push Function).

  • Rod type
  • Radial cylinder type
  • Wide type
  • Table type
  • Slider type
  • Cleanroom slider type
  • Dust/Splash-proof types
mini robo cylinder

Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use the Mini-ROBO Cylinder has achieved smaller size with significantly reduced overall length, width and height which are comparable to air cylinders. Users who are comfortable with the handling and operation of pneumatic systems are now able to switch to ROBO Cylinders effortlessly.

  • Slider type
  • Rod type
  • Table top
  • Linear servo type
  • Guided and Non-guided
ERC3 Robo cylinders

Transform your factory with the efficiency-improving, space-saving ERC3 ROBO Cylinder®. Because the controller is built-in, no additional controller is required. The result is a smaller footprint of the control panel. Also teaching can be performed near the actuator because the controller is built-in. The ERC3 supports wide-ranging operations with 30% longer strokes and payloads and speeds have been increased by 1.5 times over conventional model. It’s the most affordable in the ROBO Cylinder series


IAI Elecylinder

ELECYLINDER replaces air cylinders with easy electric cylinder control. The IAI ELECYLINDER is designed for simplicity from start-up to maintenance. With a built-in controller, Speed / Acceleration settings can be set in just 5 minutes. No time-consuming programming is necessary. You can also operate it with ON / OFF signals, like a solenoid valve.

mini elecylinders

Mini ELECYLINDER use a nut rotation mechanism to reduce size. Even with the built-in controllers they are suitable for conveying and pushing workpieces in narrow spaces. The table top of the body operates on the slider type. The mini guided rod type prevents rotation eliminating the need for external guides.

elecylinders high rigidity

ELECYLINDER High Rigidity Slider Type has a built-in 4-row linear guide. The highly rigid structure supports loads distributed over 4 rows of steel balls. ELECYLINDER radial cylinder is equipped with a built-in ball circulating type linear guide in the rod body. The allowable dynamic moment is at least 3.5 times that of the conventional product.

splash-proof elecylinders

IP67 rated Splash-proof ELECYLINDERs provide protection from dust and are able to withstand water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for 30 minutes. The waterproof structure prevents the ingress of water even when immersed, making it suitable for equipment such as food-related machines and washing machines which are exposed to violent splashes of water.

elecylinders rotary

ELECYLINDER Rotary Type allows the acceleration (A), velocity (V), and deceleration (D) to be set using numeric values. This allows the deceleration speed to be adjusted for smooth stopping without impact. The wireless connection to the teach pendant eliminates annoying cable connections.

belt driven elecylinders

The Belt Driven ELECYLINDER offers simple, fast and cost-effective transition to pneumatic-free manufacturing. With only two end positions, a maximum speed of 1600mm/s and maximum stroke of 2600mm, these high-speed long-stroke actuators exceed scope of performance as pneumatic actuators.

large-slide elecylinders

With 2-point positioning and built-in controller the Large Slide ELECYLINDER has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.

  • Maximum stroke 2500mm / Maximum speed 2000m/s
  • Maximum payload 108kg
  • Standard-equipped with battery-less absolute encoder

The RCS3 Servo Press is a compact and low-thrust rod type IAI actuator that can even be used for simple pressing. The high-precision position control enables easy adjustment of the push force and the position control. The IAI servo press specification has been expanded. With a load cell equipped as a standard feature, precision push force control is now possible, which is typically difficult for oil-hydraulic equipment.

micro slider

RCL-SA micro servo slider actuator offers high performance in a slim, compact body that’s only 20mm wide. The IAI actuator comes in 3 different sizes to meet your needs and operates at a maximum acceleration of 2G and maximum speed of 600 mm/s. The built-in motor coil eliminates the need for a cable track, so there is no cable disconnection. The sine-wave drive using 3-phase coil eliminates cogging.

micro cylinder

The Micro Cylinder RCL is an ultra-small servo cylinder offering functions comparable to an air cylinder at Ø16mm and supports up to 512 Positioning Points. This ultra-small diameter cylinder offers smooth, quiet operation and choice of controllers for different applications.

medium sized servo actuator

The LSA-N10 medium sized linear servo actuator with flat core features high performance 3G acceleration, max speed of 2,500mm/s and thrusts of up to 162N. Available in strokes up to 4,100mm. The linear servo motor does not have the inherent speed limitations of a ball screw and is able to achieve speeds of up to 3G and acceleration of 2,500mm/sec at a positioning repeatability of ±5 microns (±0.005mm).

ICS Series

The ICS Series is the industry’s first cartesian robot with battery-less absolute encoder as standard. A wide range of configurations is available, from 2-axis to 6-axis specifications and small to large models. With 954 variations available you can select a model best suited for the payload, travel stroke and installation space.

IK Series

The competitively priced ROBO Cylinder IK Series is the multi-axes solution with easy set-up and simple software programming. The ROBO Cylinder IK Series multi-axes kit includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly. The available configurations have been greatly expanded, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 396 options.

ct4 robots

The CT4 High-speed Cartesian Robot shortens assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance. High-speed operation with commanded acceleration of up to 3.2 G (maximum instantaneous acceleration: 4.8 G).The CT4 is equipped with a variation of Pick Rotate specification which provides a grip-and-turn function.

ix-nnn scara robot

With arm lengths of up to 180mm, the IX-NNN is a palm-sized SCARA unit capable of driving a maximum payload of 1 kg. The dynamic performance and highly rigid body of the SCARA ensures outstanding high-speed performance achieving a cycle time of 0.35 second.

  • Standard and Clean Room models
  • 120 mm, 150 mm, and 180 mm arm lengths
  • Installation space requirement of 47(W) x 132(D) mm
  • Motor/encoder cables available in connector type
ixp scara robot

The IXP SCARA Robot costs around ½ of conventional models due to the use of pulse motors. The 3-axis specification has no rotational axis for greater allowable load moment of inertia. It can be combined with a dedicated gripper to constitute a transfer robot with ease. Weighing approximately 30% less than IX Series, the IXP achieves a payload equivalent to that of a conventional model by adopting high-output drivers.

ixa scara robot

The High-speed IXA SCARA Robot holds the fastest cycle times and yet achieves a lower price than previous SCARA models. The arch motion smoothly blends both horizontal and vertical motion to accomplish continuous high-speed cycle times. The new SCARA robot is even more affordable than previous models. Plus, it offers even better performance and functionality.

IX Super Large scara robot

The IX Super Large SCARA Series boasts an arm length of 1200mm and a payload of 50kg, both of which are the largest among all SCARA robots. The long arm allows the IX to carry work parts over a wide range of up to 2400 mm. The IX is also space-saving because its footprint is only one-eightieth that of a Cartesian robot having an equivalent range of operation. The IX demonstrates excellent high-speed performance backed by its maximum operating speed of 8308 mm/s.

TTA robot

Quickly deployable TTA tabletop robots from IAI are precise positioning and assembly platforms with working areas between 200 x 200 mm and 500 x 500 mm. Customers particularly appreciate the rapid operational readiness without mechanical effort from this IAI robotics solution. All models are equipped with battery-less absolute encoder as standard. A new high-precision AC servo motor series has been added.

TT robot

Compact, easy to use, high-performance tabletop robots are available at amazingly low prices. The TT tabletop robot employs a rigid base, ball screw and servo control motor for precision and eliminating missteps. The TT utilizes the high path accuracy and constant speed of the XSEL controller. Additionally, it provides the same extensive functions and commands as the XSEL controller. With the 3-axis specification, the TT lets you perform three-dimensional arc interpolation and path movement. You can also use the TT together with a teaching pendant, PC software or other tools.

RCP2 rotary

Rotary-type ROBO Cylinder RCP2-RT offers 6 types to choose from: slim vertical types and lower horizontal types, each available in small, medium and large sizes. The output axis of the horizontal type has a hollow structure for wire pass through. These rotary actuators off high-precision positioning with repeatability of ±0.01 degrees.

hollow rotary

The RCP6-RFML is a slim and lightweight hollow rotary allowing wiring to pass through the hollow section, reducing the design and assembly process. It can be used as a shaft for rotating grippers and Wrist Units. It can be combined with Cartesian 3-axis and Wrist Unit rotational 2-axis to enable movement with 6 axes of freedom.

dda direct drive motor

The DDA Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears. Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism translates to high speed and excellent response, while the compact actuator lets you reduce the size of your equipment. Brake-equipped specifications have been added to the flange-less high torque/hollow type.

rotary chuck

The RCP6 Rotary Chuck is motorized rotation and gripping consolidated into a single unit that can be rotated to any angle. The rotary can perform multipoint positioning between 0 and 360° (one rotation). The rotational speed and acceleration/deceleration can also be set to any value. Furthermore, the Battery-less Absolute Encoder equipped means that home return is not required.

GRS Gripper

The GRS is a 24V solenoid powered gripper. Fitting in the palm of your hand, it is compact and lightweight, perfect for end-of-arm applications. These low cost grippers are priced as low as an air chuck. It’s motorization also contributes to energy savings. Opening and closing the fingers are operated simply by ON/OFF Signals. Continuous retention is possible while still in the gripping or release state.

RCP6 Thin Gripper

RCP6-GRT7 thin gripper has higher rigidity, higher grip force and a height of only 39mm. They are equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder as standard which makes home return unnecessary when restarting the equipment. It will even retain its grip on the workpiece. Improved mounting freedom with 4-side mounting (including mounting on the finger operation surface), wiring exit direction and surface can be changed.

wrist unit

IAI's Unique WU Series Wrist Unit design makes it light weight and compact in size. 
Equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder as standard, the WU Series is a low cost alternative, compared to 6-axis articulated robots making it ideal for reducing the cost of equipment. Diagonal approaches and tip swiveling can now be performed with minimum required axis configuration which until now required a vertically articulated robot.

cleanroom gripper

The RCP2CR Cleanroom specification mini gripper and RCP2W Dustproof mini gripper offers multi-point positioning in a small compact body. Both the Cleanroom and Dustproof grippers come as a slide type and lever type.

3-finger grippers

RCP2 3-finger grippers securely grip with easily adjustable gripping force. The 3-finger design facilitate centering of load. The self-locking mechanism maintains current position even after the power is switched off, so the load will not fall in the event of a sudden power failure. Choose the “lever type” that offers a wide open/close range while achieving high speed operation, or the “slide type” that generates a high gripping force while ensuring excellent rigidity.

RCON controller

IAI Controllers

The compact RCON system is a high-performance controller with modular connection units and outstanding extendability. Up to 16 axes can be connected for precise control of IAI actuators. The space requirement is just 1/5 of that of conventional controllers.

  • Modular Network 1~16-axis Position Controller
  • Up to 16 axes of actuators can be connected
  • Saves up to 85% of control panel space
PCON controller

The PCON is a position controller for the ROBO Cylinder® RCP3 / RCP2 series actuators. There are seven types of position controllers, which are compatible with various control systems.

  • Positioner type
  • Safety category type
  • High-thrust motor type
  • Solenoid valve type
  • Pulse train control type
  • Serial communication type
  • Field network type
MCON controller

A single MCON controller can operate both the 24V pulse motor and the 24V servo motor type actuators, with absolute encoder feedback and reducing set-up efforts significantly such as wiring even when different types of actuators have to be used at the same time. It allows direct connection with the major fieldnetworks including DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, ProfiNet I/O, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP.

ACON controller

The ACON is a position controller for the ROBO Cylinder® RCA2 / RCA series actuators. There are five types of position controllers, each supporting a different control mode.

  • Positioner type
  • Safety category type
  • Solenoid valve type
  • Pulse-train control type
  • Serial communication type
SSEL controller

The SSEL is a programmable motion controller for the ROBO Cylinder® RCS2 series actuator. Various control functions are combined into a single unit. In Program Mode, both the actuator operation and communication with external equipment can be handled by a single controller. In Positioner Mode, up to 20,000 positioning points are supported. Push-motion operation and teaching operation are also possible.

XSEL controller

The X-SEL multi axis controller makes compact industrial robots even easier to use. The top-of-the-line motion controller is used to control almost all Intelligent Actuator products, including the IX SCARA Series. The X-SEL simplifies complicated programming tasks and path movements for applications such as palletizing and dispensing using the intuitive SEL language.


The TB-02 touch panel teaching pendant with the 7-inch touch panel equipped, it is easier to see, and with new functions equipped, it is easier to use. Anyone can operate with ease. It can be used for position controllers and program controllers.


ELECYLINDERs position adjustments and operating conditions can be set by the TB-03 teaching pendant from outside the equipment, even without a cable connection. The TB-03 can monitor the operating status of up to 16 axes while receiving wireless data from the ELECLINDER. Error recovery time can also be shortened by troubleshooting with wireless connection.

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IAI Product Videos

RCP6 Series (Robo Cylinder) Presentation for Automation Machine Design
IAI Wrist Unit with ZR Unit (Rotary Unit) and Cartesian Robot - Multi Axes Electric Actuator


What Are IAI Products?

IAI offers a range of product solutions to meet your needs on the factory floor. The company's solutions focus on pneumatic-free electric actuator solutions to help improve overall productivity and energy efficiency for factories all over the globe. Founded in Japan in 1976, the company now operates through Europe to meet critical industrial needs around the world.

With solutions from IAI, you can maximize automation performance with energy-efficient, dependable, and widely compatible products. IAI robotics, actuators and servo offerings can deliver innovative, quality output for your high-demand operational needs. With operating branches worldwide, IAI provides dependable products for various operating needs across industries while streamlining the move toward increased automation.

Advantages of IAI Solutions

Optimized industrial robots and electric actuator solutions from IAI can meet the needs of several different industries, particularly in the manufacturing sector. IAI products provide increased efficiency and precision for various needs across production lines, helping to deliver high-quality, consistent, and reliable output. Key markets that commonly implement IAI products include medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronics production.

Companies choose IAI for several different operational benefits:

  • Clean room-compliant and IP-protected models available
  • High-quality products and easy usability
  • Low operational maintenance requirements
  • Compact design for various operating environments

Why Choose Electric Actuators Over Pneumatic Alternatives?

Using electric actuators is becoming an increasingly crucial trend for various industries, as the electric product solution can streamline operations and improve overall cost-efficiency while optimizing product output. Many companies choose IAI electric actuators for greater usability and reliable performance in demanding applications.

With pneumatic-free product solutions, you can gain advantages including:

  • Optimized energy efficiency: Pneumatic-free automation is considerably more energy-efficient, allowing you to conserve resources and see better returns in your day-to-day operations.
  • Easy programming: Electric actuators facilitate fast and convenient programming to best support your applications.
  • Seamless integration: With electric IAI actuator solutions, integrating your current systems is easy and secure.
  • Decreased maintenance: Using electric actuators requires significantly less maintenance than pneumatic cylinders to get consistently optimized performance and longer actuator lifetimes.

7 Benefits of Electric Actuators

1. Multiple Positioning

With the ROBO Cylinder®, you can achieve positioning of up to 1,500 points and a repeatability of ±0.02mm.

Benefit - Use one assembly line to handle a variety of products and achieve higher quality production.

image 1a
image 1b

2. Push and Hold

The push force of IAI actuators can be easily adjusted by changing the position data values. The push force can also be set to constant. This function is perfectly suited for press fit applications and parts holding.

Benefit - Push and hold hard or soft materials equally well without damaging your products. Great for press fit and clamping applications.

image 2a
image 2b

3. Acceleration / Deceleration Settings

Set the acceleration and deceleration independently on the ROBO Cylinder®.

Benefit - Improve cycle time and drastically reduce part defects. Produce more in less time.

image 3

4. Zone Output

The ROBO Cylinder® can output a signal when it reaches a preset range, all without a need for external sensors. The zone output function allows the ROBO Cylinder® to shorten cycle time, output a danger area signal and can be used for a variety of applications.

Benefit - Save yourself time, money and effort of adding cumbersome, external sensors.

image 4

5. Pause Input

Unlike pneumatic systems, ROBO Cylinders® are capable of stopping at any point of the stroke during operation.

Benefit - This allow for collision prevention and greater safety for operators and equipment.

image 5

6. Incremental / Decremental Moves

When performing continuous movement with uniform pitch, repetitive movement is possible from data of a single position.

Benefit - This function can speed up programming and reduce I/O count.

image 6a
image 6b

7. Speed Change During Movement

Easily set a position band and change your speed during movement.

Benefit - Improve cycle time and minimize product defects, resulting in higher quality production and ROI.

image 7

Types of Electric Actuators

Slider Type

slider type

The slider on the top of the main unit works in the shape of a standard electric actuator. Ideal for replacing the rodless air cylinders.

Table Type

table type

The table on the top of the main unit of Electric Actuator can be used for the actuating motion. Ideal for replacing the table type air cylinders.

Radial Cylinder

radial cylinder

Radial cylinder type of Electric Actuator can be a replacement for rod-type air cylinder. Built-in ball circulation type linear guide allows it to receive moment load.

Rod Type

rod type

Rod type of Electric Actuator can be a replacement for rod-type air cylinder. The work piece can be set using the thread part of the rod tip.

Get Customized Solutions With Gibson Engineering

IAI is the established world leader in linear electric actuators and low cost, high-performance SCARA robots. With a full range of Robocylinders and Elecylinders IAI actuators are providing a more cost-effective, lower-maintenance, and significantly more programmable solution for users previously relying on inefficient and unreliable pneumatics products.

Gibson Engineering partners with the company as a select IAI distributor to deliver the IAI robots, servos, and actuators you need for your critical operations. Working as an extension of your enterprise, we offer expert engineering solutions to help you optimize automation across your production lines while getting the right products for your unique needs.

We represent various technologies and have a wide selection of industry-leading manufacturers to help us provide the best options for your automation applications.

If you want to extend your operating capacity, drive performance, and boost efficiency rates, partner with us for trusted engineering support. Contact Gibson Engineering to see what IAI robot & actuator technologies can do for your next application!