ICONICS is an award-winning independent software provider offering real-time visualization, HMI/SCADA, energy management, fault detection, manufacturing intelligence, IoT and a suite of analytics solutions for building automation and operational excellence. ICONICS solutions are installed in 70% of Global 500 companies around the world, helping customers to be more profitable, agile, efficient and sustainable

Iconics Product Solutions


GENESIS64™ is an advanced HMI SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems. ICONICS GENESIS64 suite delivers unparalleled performance with OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and open standard database connectivity. The GENESIS64 suite provides connectivity from plant floor SCADA and building facilities to corporate business systems.

Hyper Historian

ICONICS’ Hyper Historian™ is an advanced 64-bit high-speed, reliable, and robust historian. Designed for the most mission-critical applications, Hyper Historian's advanced high compression algorithm delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of resources. Hyper Historian integrates with our ISA-95-compliant asset database and the latest big data technologies, including Azure SQL, Microsoft Data Lakes, Kafka, and Hadoop. This makes Hyper Historian the most efficient and secure real-time plant historian for any Microsoft operating system.

Mobile HMI

MobileHMI is an enterprise mobile application that runs on hundreds of different phones and tablets and can scale to thousands of devices. MobileHMI delivers real-time rich visualization, historical trends, and alarm notifications without compromising security. MobileHMI addresses the growing need for connectivity away from operator stations, allowing personnel to monitor and control from anywhere. The consistent user experience across any device enables teams to mobilize without requiring any upfront investment in device standardization.


IoTWorX™ combines ICONICS’ cutting-edge IoT software technology with its proven HMI/SCADA, analytics, and mobile solutions running in the cloud. ICONICS offers manufacturers and facility managers several key IoT technologies, including connectivity to assets, secure cloud communications, and built-in real-time visualization. Analytics at the edge result in minimized latency while leveraging FDD technology to significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Users can connect to virtually any automation equipment through supported industry protocols such as OPC UA, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, web services, and classic OPC tunneling.

Energy AnalytiX

Energy AnalytiX® is an energy monitoring, analysis, and management system that delivers rich, real-time visualization, providing open universal data connectivity and data integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. Managers of any building or plant can utilize this revolutionary smart energy software solution that is intuitive to configure, customize, and operate. Energy AnalytiX includes built-in calculations, analytics, a data historian, reporting, and the visualization needed to take decisive action in order to reduce and manage utility costs and consumption.

Facility AnalytiX

Facility AnalytiX® is a complete, ongoing commissioning software solution based on ICONICS’ advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology, which significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. Facility AnalytiX incorporates user customizable fault rules to report faults and failures. It also weighs the probability of equipment failure and advises personnel of immediate preventative actions that can be taken, improving safety, and optimizing energy savings.

Quality AnalytiX

Quality AnalytiX® enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality. Users can apply any of the extensive set of built-in SPC calculations to any process variable and integrate SPC data into expressions and logic to drive corrective actions based on process trends. Quality AnalytiX leverages ICONICS Hyper Historian™ technology for data collection and calculations. The architecture supports large enterprise-wide SPC quality programs as well as applications requiring rapid sample rates.


KPIWorX™ delivers a powerful visualization and analysis tool directly to executives, managers, and industry personnel. Connect all devices to KPIWorX to effortlessly manage and navigate assets with real-time data. Configure self-service dashboards that meet specific industry needs while interacting with displays in runtime. Visualize the most important performance indicators of any system or business from any desktop or mobile client and transfer dashboards seamlessly.


CFSWorX™ is a solution designed to streamline the efficiency of field service organizations through intelligent scheduling and reliable notifications. It empowers field service workers and maintenance personnel to move past the legacy break/fix model toward more proactive facilities and equipment management. This enables organizations in any industry to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs. CFSWorX provides a video expert capability, making it possible for a remote field worker to instantly be connected to subject matter experts anywhere in the world.


GENESIS32™ is the industry’s most reliable 32-bit suite of OPC, SNMP, BACnet, and web-enabled HMI and SCADA applications. GENESIS32 has been deployed in countless applications across a variety of industries, designed with Microsoft Windows® operating systems, providing reliable integration with the most popular communication infrastructures. GENESIS32 continues to deliver unparalleled dependability, performance, and implementation efficiency.


AlarmWorX™64 Multimedia (MMX) is a complete and comprehensive OPC-based alarm management application with a distributed, enterprise-wide alarm notification system that delivers real-time alarm information directly to the user. Leverage email, pager, fax, voice, text-to-speech, and phone to alert users subscribed to an application.


The BridgeWorX™64 service provides the latest 64-bit data bridging technology for ICONICS products. Graphical data bridging enables users to rapidly implement data orchestration and integration tasks that adhere to business logic without requiring programming. BridgeWorX64 can access Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SAP, and virtually any real-time or archived manufacturing or business data source.


ReportWorX™64 is a powerful reporting tool that turns volumes of data into manufacturing intelligence. ReportWorX64 empowers users to create reports using data integrated from any source within any system. Connect to data from the plant floor, corporate databases, and everywhere in between via OPC, OPC UA, BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP. ReportWorX64 can also retrieve data from Hyper Historian, AlarmWorX64, IoTWorX, and other ICONICS data sources. Based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology, ReportWorX64 populates data in report spreadsheets using the power of Microsoft Excel. Its advanced scheduling engine delivers reports automatically via the web, from an HMI screen, or based on user-specified criteria.


ICONICS provides OPC-to-the-Core™ solutions ranging from a suite of OPC servers and clients to a toolkit for developing OPC Servers. ICONICS is a charter member of the OPC Foundation and has assisted over the years with creation of OPC standards, development of the OPC Foundation sample code, and participating and hosting OPC Interop testing. Currently, ICONICS serves on the board of directors for the foundation.

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How SCADA Works

We provide users with an easy-to-use, multi-functional, centralized desktop or web-based environment for project configuration. Users can connect to and manage multiple data sources, as well as enable functions such as alarming, trending, reporting, and more. Users can create stunning 2D and 3D SCADA visualization of entire system operations. In addition, we provide built-in, intelligent, ISA-95-compliant asset management.

How SCADA Works Diagram Part 1

Benefits of SCADA with ICONICS

icon for powerful centralized configuration

Powerful Centralized Configuration

The Workbench speeds up development, reducing application design costs. Configure and manage your entire project from one convenient, unified environment.

icon for visualization on any device

Visualization on Any Device

Users can build scalable, XAML vector-based graphics or use preconfigured symbols with dynamic properties, referenced colors and flexible animations. Smart Tiles™ can display KPIs within operational dashboards.

icon for mission-critical redundancy

Mission-critical Redundancy

ICONICS redundancy solutions are simple to configure, install and deploy. They cover all major aspects including data access, historical data, alarms and security.

icon for advanced IoT and cloud integration

Advanced IoT and Cloud Integration

An integrated IoT Gateway Suite can communicate with Microsoft Azure or third-party applications by publishing on-premises data to the cloud via secure transport protocols.

icon for universal connectivity

Universal Connectivity

GENESIS64 supports industry standard communications such as OPC, OPC UA, Modbus, BACnet, web services, and databases. Network simple device discovery makes integration seamless and efficient.

icon for extensive Geo-SCADA capabilites

Extensive Geo-SCADA Capabilities

GraphWorX64’s Geo-SCADA module can be configured for real-time visualization of widely dispersed assets and can integrate with Bing, Google, Esri or any Web Map Service (WMS) map.

ICONICS provides advanced, web-enabled OPC UA and BACnet certified visualization, analytics, and mobile software solutions for any manufacturing or industrial automation application. - with over 350,000 installations around the globe. Reach out to Gibson Engineering to learn more about ICONICS solutions and get started visualizing your data today!