With 50 years of experience, IKO specializes in quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components. Their products include: Linear Motion Rolling Guides. IKO’s linear motion rolling guides reduce linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machines.

IKO Product Solutions

ball screw tables

IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of positioning tables driven by ball screws that act as reliable positioning mechanisms for accurate and repeatable machine motion.

  • TU precision positioning tables are slim and compact positioning mechanisms
  • TE precision positioning tables are lightweight and compact positioning mechanisms that feature high-strength aluminum alloys
  • TSL long-stroke positioning mechanisms feature two rows of highly rigid linear ways together with a slide table and bed made of high-strength aluminum alloys and precision ball screws
  • TSLH high rigidity precision positioning tables are extremely accurate and reliable positioning mechanisms that feature slide tables and beds made of cast iron for high rigidity and superior vibration damping
  • TX super precision positioning tables offer ultra-precise running accuracy and high load capacity by incorporating IKO’s Super X linear roller way on a rigid cast iron bed
  • TC cleanroom precision positioning tables are designed for ISO Class 3 (U.S. Fed. Std. 209E Class 1) applications such as semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacturing
  • TS/CT compact precision positioning tables feature low sectional height, high reliability and high accuracy, incorporating an IKO crossed roller way as the rolling guide mechanism
  • TM micro precision positioning tables are ultra-compact mechanisms comprised of an IKO micro linear way L with a track width of just 2 mm and a 2 mm diameter precision ground ball screw
linear motor tables

IKO positioning tables are driven by linear motors that act as accurate and repeatable positioning mechanisms in a variety of applications, from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to assembly systems.

  • Linear Motor Tables (LT) are lightweight, direct drive positioning mechanisms with low sectional heights
  • Standard models (NT…V) are available in three sectional widths with thrusts to 36 N and stroke lengths from 10 to 120 mm
  • High Accuracy models (NT…H) offer maximum thrust of 25 N and stroke lengths from 25 to 65 mm
  • Pick and Place models (NT…XZ) offer maximum thrust of 50 N (x axis) and 25 N (z axis), with stroke lengths of 45 mm (x axis) and 10 mm (z axis)

IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of positioning tables, stages and alignment modules to achieve fast and precise machine motion in a variety of applications, from semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing equipment to complex assembly systems.

  • Precision Positioning Tables (TSLB) are high speed, long stroke units that incorporate a steel-core timing belt and a five-phase stepping motor for excellent accuracy
  • Alignment Tables (AT) are rotary positioning mechanisms for precise angle correction
  • Alignment Modules (AM) work together with alignment stages by combining a highly rigid crossed roller bearing and linear way on a precision positioning table (TU)
  • Alignment Stages (SA) combine a linear motion rolling guide, crossed roller bearing and direct drive linear motor to create a compact, low profile XYθ positioning table
  • Precision Elevating Tables (TZ) perform precise up-and-down positioning by using a wedge mechanism, while two rolling guides work in parallel to achieve high rigidity in a compact design

IKO Videos

Introduction to IKO
Bearing and Linear Motion Technology That Reduces Our Environmental Impact
IKO Positioning Tables

IKO Case Study

The launch, landing and overall mission of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is one of the most daring and successful space exploration endeavors ever undertaken. MSL’s Curiosity rover has already surpassed its 23-month mission target, and it continues to transmit informative images of the Martian surface on a daily basis.

Among the robust components used in the rover is a set of precision linear bearings from IKO, the LWL Miniature Linear Motion Guides, which integrate special features that allow them to operate for years without human intervention.

While most linear motion systems won’t need to withstand the temperature extremes and mechanical stresses that Curiosity endures, the rover’s design can teach engineers how to improve the precision and reliability of earthbound applications. For example, when you know linear bearings will be used in harsh environments, it is important to:

  • Know your design constraints.
  • Consider test and lifecycle data.
  • Remember that even small loads can cause big problems.
  • Remember that small parts can easily malfunction due to debris.
  • Don’t be afraid to rely on outside expertise.

To learn more about what this space mission can teach us about linear motion and harsh environments, download the white paper.

IKO is a world-renowned producer of quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables & machine components. Their technology offers specialized solutions for many unique manufacturing situations including: clean rooms, vacuum environments, high-temperature areas & dust or spatter protection.

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