Inxpect invents, designs, manufactures and distributes radar-based smart sensors, primarily for the industrial automation and robotics markets. Inxpect's LBK System was the first and is still the only safety-rated radar for industrial use in the world.

How Do Radar Sensors Work?

Radar sensors convert microwave echo signals into electrical signals to determine the presence of an object or person. A radar antenna emits a signal in radar waves that move at the speed of light. When these waves hit an object, the signal changes and reflects back to the sensor. When the signal reaches the sensor, it processes the changes in the waves to determine factors like position, size, shape, trajectory and speed.

Radar sensors are powerful with very few limits in detection. These sensors are not affected by light, darkness or temperature changes, and their sensing abilities reach wider distances than other types of technology. Given these operational capabilities, radar sensors are ideal for safety in automation and robotics.

Inxpect Product Solutions

Inxpect Smart Sensors


101 Series (S101A)

100 Series (S101A) - The S101A sensor is a smart FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar device based on proprietary Inxpect detection algorithms. The S101A sensor creates an invisible barrier that detects when an operator crosses it and enters a dangerous area, putting the machine into a safe condition to protect the operator.

Apply a narrow or wide field of view to work with your applications. The radar functions natively in 3D, enabling the sensor to detect space volumetrically. Regardless of how an operator enters the detection zone, the Inxpect sensor will detect their presence. The S101A is also resistant to environmental disturbances, such as smoke, dust and water, to prevent false alarms in the detection zone.

The 100 series smart sensor is the first and only radar sensor in the world with SIL2 certification for industrial safety applications.


200 Series (S201A)

200 Series (S201A) - S201A is the first SIL-rated MIMO radar in the world. Operating in the millimeter waves V band (60 GHz), with dynamically selectable field of view and up to four alarm areas, it is ideal for complex application scenarios, including mobile use cases.

Each detection field functions in 3D and has its own safety output. The flexibility in these detection fields allows automation equipment to respond appropriately based on the location of the operator or object. Adjust the field of view from 10 to 100 degrees and move in 10-degree increments to fully capture equipment motion.

Beyond the selectable field of view, the S201A also offers static object detection. This function allows for restart prevention, where the sensor will stop a mobile device from restarting if there's an object in the detectable area. The S201A only needs four seconds to perform restart prevention.


200 Series (S201A-MLR)

200 Series (S201A-MLR) - In addition to the dynamically selectable horizontal field of view, S201A-MLR also supports higher speeds (4 m/s) and longer ranges (9 meters) than the base S201A model. The S201A-MLR is therefore ideal in sectors like earth moving, railway, mining and agriculture.

The S201A-MLR features four independent detection fields with their own safety outputs. This model also offers selectable RCS for custom target detection. Use the S201A-MLR to detect human interferences or object collisions with specific RCS values. Leverage static object detection for restart prevention when required.

Inxpect Control Units


200 Series (C201A)

200 Series (C201A) - The C201A control unit can monitor up to 6 Inxpect Smart Sensors, and thanks to its Ethernet connection, it can also be configured remotely using the Inxpect Safety Application in total safety. With 32 available configurations, users can change the detection field in real time. The C201A control unit is notably valuable for mobile applications like automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile industrial robots (MIRs).

The C201A unit features two dual-channel inputs and two dual-channel safety outputs for the detection signal. Users can configure the system to temporarily mute or inhibit one or more sensors to prevent alarm status when movement occurs in their fields of view.


200 Series (C202A)

200 Series (C202A) - C202A offers both USB and Ethernet communication interfaces, providing local and remote configuration options. The control unit can monitor up to 6 Inxpect Smart Sensors, and thanks to its Ethernet connection, it can also be configured remotely using the Inxpect Safety Application in total safety.

The C202A has eight available configurations for changing the detection field in real time. Two dual-channel inputs support restart, muting, dynamic configuration switch, system recondition and stop. Like the C201A, the C202A features two dual-channel safety outputs for one or more detection fields.

Automatic background detection and removal allow the system to adapt to changing work conditions. With programmable muting, users can identify differentiated intervention areas where safe access is available.


200 Series (C203A)

200 Series (C203A) - C203A provides basic but robust control functionality for any Inxpect safety radar sensor. The control unit can monitor up to 6 Inxpect Smart Sensors. The Inxpect Safety Application works via USB to configure the safety functions, size of detection fields, and the functionality of the I/O ports of the control unit.

While the USB design requires local configuration and management, the C203A offers many of the features of the more advanced control units. The C203A allows users to change the detection field dynamically with eight available configurations.

The muting function allows users to temporarily inhibit one or more sensors to prevent alarms during safe access. These units also feature two dual-channel inputs for functions such as restarting and system reconditioning.

Inxpect Software

Inxpect Software

Inxpect Safety Application

Inxpect Safety Application - The software allows simple and intuitive configuration and subsequent validation of the coverage area. The Inxpect Safety App is a software that can be installed on any PC or Mac, used for easily configuring the volumetric coverage areas of Inxpect safety radar systems, setting I/O interfaces configuration and system parameters, and running the validation. It is a fundamental support for installing any Inxpect safety system.

Access the status of all control units and sensors through one intuitive dashboard. With configuration and validation tabs available on the platform, users can easily use every function of the application. In the system configuration tab, users can import machinery layouts in different formats for work within the application. The validation function supports validation reports, keeping operations organized and compliant for every system.

Safety is key when working with Inxpect sensors and control units, and this software delivers.

Benefits of Investing in an Inxpect Smart Sensor

Investing in an Inxpect smart sensor offers value to all industrial automation spaces. With this technology, your operation can experience:

  • Increased productivity: With Inxpect systems detecting disturbances in their fields of view, operators no longer need tedious restart processes with manual safety checks. Automation equipment will restart as soon as it's safe to do so, reducing restart time and keeping product lines moving.
  • A safer work area: Inxpect radar systems offer flexible fields of view and varying detection fields with designated safety outputs. Operators can trust the equipment to stop as soon as they enter operating spaces, keeping them safe on the floor. Static object detection also safeguards personnel by preventing unsafe restarts.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Inxpect systems consist of a control unit and up to six smart radar sensors, providing complete flexibility for your automation configurations. Introduce Inxpect systems to simple or complex scenarios and configure your setup through guided validation procedures and configuration reports.
  • Improved cost efficiency: Greater productivity with Inxpect sensors leads to improved use of time on the floor, increasing the overall cost-efficiency of your operation. With critical safety processes handled by sensors, personnel can manage more high-value processes and product lines can produce more.

Inxpect Tools & Downloads

Increase employee safety with Inxpect sensors. Download a guide for more on Inxpect safety radar equipment and solutions.



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