Midwest Optical Systems supplies high-quality filters, lenses and accessories for machine vision systems. MidOpt™ filters come in shortpass, bandpass, longpass, neutral density, polarizing, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) types. Most MidOpt products are in stock and ready for shipping to any location globally.

MidOpt Product Solutions

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MidOpt Filters

Machine vision filters from MidOpt help increase the subject's contrast under inspection, enhancing the system's ability to distinguish the necessary characteristics. Maximum contrast enables increased speed and accuracy. Since ambient light is everywhere and changes over time, these filters offer a long-lasting solution, allowing you to create the contrast you need to control your lighting.

Filter options include:

  • Shortpass
  • Bandpass
  • Multi bandpass
  • Longpass
  • Neutral density
  • Polarizing
  • Acrylic
  • Protective
  • Light balancing
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MidOpt Swatch Kit

Swatch kits from MidOpt help machine vision integrators, imaging specialists and end users evaluate and improve image quality. Each kit contains a filter selection to observe the effects of different colors, light intensities, wavelengths and polarizations on images captured by various industrial cameras and lighting. The kit contents enable users to choose a filter or filter combination best suited to each task.

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MidOpt Filter Kits

MidOpt's FK200 filter kit includes the ten most recommended UV, near-infrared (NIR) and visible (VIS) machine vision filters. This efficient, compact kit is an outstanding tool for testing and evaluating image quality.

The FK200 filter kit offers benefits like:

  • Testing before investing in new hardware.
  • Evaluating glare reduction.
  • Controlling the variability in ambient light.
  • Solving applications quickly.

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Swatch Filter Kits

Gibson Engineering's Vision Lab Process

Gibson Engineering leverages decades of experience with a technologically advanced vision lab to maximize your return by mitigating risk and accurately proving your machine vision project specifications. Our four-step process for vision lab evaluation includes:

vision lab

  1. Define the requirements: Our engineers learn about your specific vision applications and review your cycle times, field of view, inspection criteria and physical constraints.
  2. Send us the parts: You send your components to our lab, allowing our engineers to evaluate the sample parts and determine the variable considerations and inspection requirements to drive successful deployment.
  3. Proving the concept: Our engineering team tests your components using various real-world conditions such as lighting, camera resolutions and lensing styles. We analyze the results against your application's unique parameters to determine the project's success and develop a report with an inspection time analysis explaining our findings.
  4. Reviewing the results: Our engineers create a proof of concept with a detailed quotation for the proposed hardware best suited to your project. We provide job files from the testing, sample imagery and application feedback for reference.

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At Gibson Engineering, we boast an award-winning engineering team that provides clients in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast with world-class solutions and support in areas ranging from pneumatics and robotics to machine control. If you want to learn more about filters from MidOpt, contact the Gibson Engineering team online or request a quote today.