Nabtesco is the largest precision Cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in the world and leads the precision gear industry by providing High Performance Reduction Gears, Hollow Shaft Gear Heads and Single Axis Servo-Actuators and Controllers. Our precision equipment provides large torque, high-ratio and significant shock-load capabilities with extreme precision and very low backlash.

Nabtesco Product Solutions

position unit

Positioner units that use the Precision Reduction Gear RV. Support for all major servo motors. Drastically reduces the time and effort required for design, manufacturing and assembly.

  • 2-axis positioner unit
  • BBQ positioner unit
  • Variable tilt angle turntable unit
ag unit

The AG Drive Unit is an integrated in-wheel design incorporating a Precision Reduction Gear RV inside of a Mecanum Wheel. Compact, and able to support the large loads needed for large-payload AGVs.

  • Max backlash 12 min
  • Max lost motion 12 min
  • Support for all major servo motors
  • Includes Mecanum Wheel

The Nabtesco Actuator is a sealed and prelubricated precision gearbox with servomotor in a compact design. The AF series is a compact actuator directly amounted servomotor, which is succeeded to features of Precision Reduction Gear RV, "High accuracy", "High rigidity"and "High reliablity".


The Nabtesco Gearhead is a sealed and prelubricated precision gearbox, complete with accommodations for motor mounting ( major motor manufacturers). Three input types are available.

The precision reduction gearhead series features an easy to use design utilizing fittings compatible with all major servomotors and sealed with grease before shipping, the new series has also reduced the total length by up to 15%.

The RD2 series introduces the right angle type as a new input option. The right angle input allows for the creation of lower profile designs to be set up in smaller spaces. Especially useful for turn table applications, the right angle input type maintains high accuracy positioning while allowing for space saving, low profile designs.

  • Precision reduction
  • Solid & hollow shaft series
  • Right angle input type
  • Pulley input type
  • High speed rotation
  • High torque

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