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Panasonic Laser Markers are ideal for the high speed, non-contact, permanent labeling of metals, plastics, resins, glass and natural materials such as paper, wood or leather. Panasonic's Laser Markers make no contact with the target object and have no moving parts or consumables - a strong advantage over methods like stamping or engraving.

Panasonic FAYb Laser Marker Product Solutions


FAYb Laser Marker LP-V Series enables beautiful high contrast marking on resin surfaces by fully utilizing the characteristics of short pulse laser beams with minimal thermal influence.

Capable of marking at speeds of up to 700 cps, the LP-V series can deliver more than three times the productivity of previous models thanks to its shorter tact time. Enjoy dramatically reduced equipment costs since a single laser marker can now handle applications that previously required multiple units.


3D Control FAYb Laser Marker LP-M Series with its high-power laser enables deeper and faster marking and processing. Equipped with 3D control capability which allows the best marking on every product shape.


  • Compact IP64 Rated Head
  • Full 3D Capabilities
  • 17, 40 & 80 Watt Models
  • Direct Inputs From Displacement Sensor For Z Axis Adjustment
  • Redundant Safety Features

The LP-Z Series is equipped with 3D functionality and is particularly suitable for the marking of complex surfaces. The focus is adjusted automatically, guaranteeing stable energy density in the beam. This technology improves marking quality on large 2D surfaces up to a maximum of 330 x 330 mm². The LP-Z series is equipped with an encoder interface for the marking of objects moving down an automated production line.


The output power for the LP-S Series was increased from 12 W to 50 W to improve deep engraving performance on metal. This allows tool-grade steels to be deep marked and black marked at high speeds. The robust housing, the exacting technical design and high-quality components meet IP67G degree of protection, destining the LP-S series for duty in even the toughest applications in the automotive and metalworking industries. In addition, the connector is water-resistant, dust-resistant and oil-resistant. The lenses are coated with protective glass. The device's unique design makes it possible to remove the fiberoptic cable from the laser unit. This considerably simplifies integration and servicing of the device.


The reliable hard design of the LP-RF Series includes high noise resistance controller and IP64 rating head

  • Compact IP64 Rated Head
  • Controller Offers High Resistance To Electrical Noise
  • Smart Functions To Adapt To Many Conditions
  • Direct Link To Image Processing Device
  • 17-Watt Fiber Laser
  • Removable Fiber Cable For Easy Installation

Panasonic CO2 Laser Marker Product Solutions


CO2 Laser Marker LP-400 Series is a CO2 laser marker best suited for glass and most plastic applications. The high-power, high-performance galvanoscanner delivers exceptional marking quickly and accurately.


  • Proprietary Rotating Head
  • High Speed "On The Fly Applications"
  • 10 And 30 Watt Models
  • Multiple Marking Fields Available
  • Perfect For Glass And Clear Materials, Plastics and Coated Metals

The LP-GS Series amazes with its compact design. This variant of the CO2 Laser Marking System is contained within a surprisingly small housing, and is easy to integrate into customer-specific applications. Thanks to the z-axis control, it takes very little time and only a few steps to set the optimal distance to materials while taking the specific marking or labeling procedure into consideration. Fine adjustments can also be performed using a connected camera.


LP-300 Series Laser Marking Systems are suitable for abrasion-free and permanent marking of resins, enameled surfaces, glass and organic materials such as paper, wood, rubber or leather. They work using a wavelength in the mid-infrared range and achieve first-class results requiring no additional consumables; they are non-contact and non-wearing. LP-300 series units are able to operate virtually without maintenance. They require very little service effort with minimal follow-up costs


In response to the need for faster marking processes in order to improve pre-process productivity and to fulfill changes to requirements for GS1 DataMatrix marking the LP-RC Series provides shorter marking times with speeds 1.4 times faster than before.

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Optical Character Recognition & Verification

Cognex camera

Code Reading, together with Laser Marking, is widely used to enhance production management and traceability. Cognex machine vision systems can read text and codes marked directly on products while validating alphanumeric text against GS1 linear and DataMatrix codes. OCRMax, a font-trainable OCR and OCV tool, sets industry records for ease of use, read rates, and speed. This powerful algorithm prevents misreads, handles process variations, and provides easy font management with minimal training required.

Learn more about Cognex Vision Systems or visit the Gibson Vision Lab to test your parts.

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LP-M Laser Marker

With over 20 years of experience building Laser Marking Systems and 2D Code Readers, Panasonic has built a strong following that identify the brand with innovation, reliability, and quality. Throughout the years Panasonic has developed numerous high-quality products for a variety of marking applications - reach out to the Gibson Engineering team to get started today!