RFID, Inc. manufactures four RFID product lines at varying frequencies:13.56, 125, 433, and 915 MHz. Our RFID tags & readers cover read ranges of 1mm to 2,000 feet, and serve just about any application or industry you can think of, from farming and mining to medical device manufacturing.

RFID Product Solutions


RFID Tags come in a variety of options from disposable labels to robust high temperature survival versions. Some Tags and labels even have temperature sensors which sense environmental temperature and sends this data to the Reader.

An active tag is battery powered, most of which are known as TTO (tag talk only) whereby the Tag continually transmits it’s data if in range of a reader. Passive tags carry data, which can be RO (read only) or RW (read write) lies dormant until it is activated by the RF signal of a reader. Upon being woken or excited by the reader, the tags begins to transmit it’s data back to the reader.


RFID Antennas are sometimes external to the RFID Reader or incorporated into the RFID Reader as a single piece solution but also vary in dimension from smaller than a pencil eraser to as large as a meter square. Antennas are specific to frequency and very much focal in nature, meaning there is a specific area from which the RF signal is emanated and the Antenna and RFID Tag need to be orientation specific to each other.


RFID Readers vary from OEM modules to robust dedicated or networkable models providing communication protocols of Allen Bradley's Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Siemens Profibus & PROFINET, Modicon Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP, CANopen, as well as USB, Serial & TCPIP Ethernet.

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RFID Product Overview

What is RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a small chip, or RFID tag, attached to some object that can be read at short range via radio waves by a tag reader. These items can be close together or far apart and are used for everything from credit cards, to inventory tracking to ticketing. Components can be broken down as a Tag (Transponder), a Reader, an Antenna, and sometimes an Interface. Sometimes the Reader and Antenna are enclosed into a single housing, sometimes they are 2 separate components. Sometimes there is added to this architecture an Interface which can translate data into other communication protocols and/or manage a network of many Readers.

RFID, Inc. is an engineering firm specializing in radio frequency identification technology and the manufacturing of various readers, antennas, and tags. Reach out to Gibson Engineering today to learn more or get started with RFID today!