ROLLON is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems, compact rail linear guides and linear actuators.

Rollon Product Solutions

Linear and curved guides with ball and roller bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacities, self-alignment and capable of working in dirty environments.

Compact Rails

Compact Rail is a linear system consisting of steel linear rails with induction hardened raceways and high precision radial ball bearing sliders, also made of hardened steel. Thanks to their self-aligning capabilities, Compact Rail linear guides simplify the project, improve the performance and reduce the overall cost of application. Compact Rail linear guides are easy to install on all types of surfaces, including non-machined ones.


The X-Rail is a family of linear guides with radial ball bearing sliders for applications requiring cost efficiency and high resistance to corrosion. The linear guides with shaped raceways and the linear guides with flat raceways are available in stainless steel or galvanised or nitrided metal sheeting. With the T + U configuration, the X-Rail system can compensate for any axial misalignment in parallelism of the mounting surfaces.


The Easyslide is a system of cold drawn steel linear rails with induction hardened raceways. The linear guides consists of an external 'C' profile linear rail and incorporated caged ball bearings. Available in five rail widths: 22, 28, 35, 43 and 63mm, the sliders inside the linear rails ensure an exceptionally compact system and high load capacity. Multiple standard lengths available depending on the linear rail section (up to 2,000mm).


Versatile and innovative curved linear guides with radial ball bearing rollers are available in different versions, with constant or variable radius. CURVILINE is ideal for applications such as curved machine housings, door systems in trains or boats, or customized packaging units. Available in two rail widths: 16mm and 23mm and Zinc plated rails and sliders as per ISO 2081 with strokes over 3,000mm.


The O-Rail linear system with rollers ensures the highest flexibility of configuration thanks to the original shape of the FXRG guide, the system basic component, featuring 3 raceways arranged at 90°, over which the R series rollers can run on any one of the 3 raceways. Using a single or multiple parallel guides allows users to achieve several combinations, able to meet all linear motion requirements.

Prismatic Rails

The Prismatic Rail family is composed of linear bearings sliding on V-shaped rails made of hardened steel. These linear guides with rollers also have high self-alignment properties. V-shaped rails are induction hardened and polished, available in three sizes: 28, 35 and 55 mm. Rails can be machined with two straight cuts, one straight and one slanting cut or two slanting cuts. These options allow to create joinable versions, and thus obtaining longer strokes.


Speedy Rail is the special self-supporting and self-aligning rail in extruded aluminum with a deep hard anodized surface treatment that offers exceptionally high performance and load capacity, with no maintenance and lubrication required, total reliability even in dirty environments with uniquely quiet operation. It is available with v-shaped rollers or cylindrical rollers, both covered in a plastic compound, and can be used as a linear rail or actuator.


MONO RAIL Plus is a profiled linear rail for high precision under heavy loads. Four rows of balls run in the self-lubricated slider. The running surfaces of the sliders and rails are hardened and polished. They are available in sizes from 15mm to 45mm in standard and flat sliders, with and without flanges. MINIATURE MONO RAIL models are mini linear guides with 7mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm widths, for particularly noiseless operations.

Linear and curved guides with ball and roller bearings for partial, total or extended extraction up to 200% of the length of the guide.


High load capacity and reduced deflection telescopic rails with caged balls bearings. The telescopic guides have optimal running properties due to inductively hardened raceways. TELESCOPIC RAIL linear slides exhibit little deflection while under very heavy loads, even when fully extended. Telescopic guides come in eight different series (ASN, DE, DS, DSC, DBN, DMS, DSE) Torsionally rigid intermediate elements with S-shaped, double-T, or squared sections.


The Telerace linear guides are ideal for harsh environments as their large rolling components make them highly resistant to dust and dirt. TLR and TLQ are telescopic guides with high performance ball bearings. TLN and TQN feature a simpler construction. The TLAX and TQAX guides are entirely made of STAINLESS steel and feature an optional, electrically applied polishing finish for the most advanced applications.

Light Rail

Light Rail is the product family of lightweight telescopic rails with full and partial extension, ideal for applications in which the mass of the rail is just as important as the bending rigidity. Dedicated end stoppers allow smooth and quiet operation even with heavy loads applied and avoid permanent distortion in case of eventual shocks.

Linear actuators with different guide configurations and drives, available with belt, screw or rack and pinion drives according to different needs in terms of precision and speed. Guides with bearings or ball recirculating systems for different load capacities and critical environments.

Plus System

The PLUS SYSTEM series of linear actuators consists of highly protected linear units featuring a self-sustaining anodized aluminum structure and a steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a line of exceptionally sturdy and high performance actuators in terms of load, moment control, speed and acceleration. All Plus System series of linear actuators are available with stainless steel elements, for applications in harsh environments and/or subject to frequent washes.

Clean room

The CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM units are linear actuators with belt driven transmission and are specifically designed for Clean Room applications. The system prevents particles from being discharged in the environment where the linear unit is located. This has been achieved by using a special straight seal that closes the horizontal opening where the slider moves, as well as by the operation of a 0.8 vacuum pump connected to 2 vacuum pipes located inside the drive head and the idle head.

Smart System

The SMART SYSTEM linear actuators feature a self-sustaining anodized aluminum frame and steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a series of highly cost effective linear units, featuring high performance combined with a carefully planned simple construction. The SMART SYSTEM series consists of 3 distinct products with different features: E-SMART, R-SMART, S-SMART.

Eco System

The ECO SYSTEM units are linear actuators made of a self-sustaining extruded aluminum frame and are driven by a polyurethane belt with AT metric profile steel inserts. The ECO SYSTEM series actuators are offered with two motion systems: ECO SYSTEM – SP features a maintenance free recirculating linear guide rail fitted inside the profile. ECO SYSTEM – CI features four rollers with a Gothic arch outer profile sliding on hardened steel bars placed inside the profile.


Uniline System is a family of pre-assembled linear units boasting a compact size and high speed ensured by the COMPACT RAIL roller bearings, mounted on a self-sustaining extruded aluminum profile. The linear units are driven by a steel reinforced polyurethane belt system. The horizontal seals and the raceway cleaners fitted on both ends of the carriage ensure full protection from dirt. The linear actuator profile is compatible with an endless number of widely available standard fixing accessories.

Precision System

The PRECISION SYSTEM series of linear units are self-sustaining profile systems made of extruded aluminum and steel for the TK series, able to ensure excellent precision. The motion is achieved by means of precision rolled recirculating ball screws with preloaded or non preloaded ball nuts, depending on the models.


The Tecline are linear axes with rack and pinion transmission rolling on trapezoidal or recirculating ball guides. 1, 2 and 3 Cartesian axis linear modules with rack and pinion drive guarantee precise manipulation of loads from 10 up to 2000 kg with fast and silent functioning.


Modline linear modules are toothed belt driven systems with high accuracy, speeds and load performances. The Modline family includes axes specifically dedicated to the use along the Z axis with pneumatic compensation of the load. The section integrates the pneumatic cylinder and encloses the passage of cables. It requires smaller motors, offering increased performances with savings in cost and energy.

Speedy Rail

Speedy Rail is the special self-supporting and self-aligning rail in extruded aluminum with a deep hard anodized surface treatment that offers exceptionally high performance and load capacity, with no maintenance and lubrication required, total reliability even in dirty environments with uniquely quiet operation. It is available with v-shaped rollers or cylindrical rollers, both covered in a plastic compound, and can be used as a linear rail or actuator.

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