With nearly 20 years as a pioneer and leader in enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) products, Telit offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of products and solutions that enable end-to-end IoT solutions across virtually any market or industry around the world. This technology simplifies the IoT deployment process, which further reduces the risk, complexity and costs for teams trying to unlock the power behind their machine's data.

Take the Complexity out of IIoT and IoT

The purposes of IoT include collecting application or machine data, connecting various devices, and getting real-time custom alerts/notifications - all of which can improve your business operations and give your company a sustainable advantage. However, creating an IoT solution can be complex. Setting up an IoT network includes:

  • Connecting devices from different manufacturers, each of which has its own functions, interfaces and protocols.
  • Capturing and reconfiguring data in a secure and cost-effective way.
  • Delivering this data to enterprise systems for business intelligence (BI).
  • Displaying BI insights on dashboards and apps.

Telit products can help you develop a reliable end-to-end IoT solution. Telit has:

  • A broad portfolio of specialty IoT communication modules with advanced technologies for demanding environments.
  • Connectivity tools for deploying devices under cellular networks.
  • A comprehensive IoT platform software to run critical functions and collect, manage and connect device data for the cloud and analytical systems.

Telit Product Solutions



deviceWISE EDGE is the Telit IoT platform for industrial integration and enablement. This Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform simplifies quickly connecting your factory devices and applications to enterprise and the value chain and managing your IIoT solutions. As a result, you can get the data you need to improve productivity and drive profit without technology hurdles such as custom code and difficult integration with existing system architecture.

With Telit deviceWISE EDGE, you plug it in, allow it to automatically connect your devices and applications and start quickly configuring with drag-and-drop logic. You'll only need one platform to connect your factory without custom code, and that includes companies using IBM Watson, SAP and Amazon.

Eliminate Custom Programming

  • Get all your devices and apps to talk to one another with over hundreds of native drivers.
  • Decrease installation and maintenance costs by eliminating the use of intermediate PC technology, custom programming and home-grown solutions.
  • Reduce time to market by providing connectivity that breaks through complicated data transfer layers.
  • Benefit from enhanced security and reduced system integration cycles.

Integrate Around Your Existing Systems

  • Build your IIoT around your existing equipment: legacy, modern, proprietary and open source.
  • Work with any system architecture: brownfield or greenfield systems.
  • Connect multiple facilities to compare and use a common data model across the enterprise.
  • Connect one cloud to another to build new business models with your suppliers and customers.

Scale to Any Size System Now or Later

  • Streamline the maintenance of your remote and global systems by using one single interface.
  • Minimize network bandwidth use and related costs by utilizing data more efficiently.
  • Future-proof your installation by eliminating conversion risks.
  • Never worry about being locked into one vendor now or in the future.

Use Cases of deviceWISE EDGE

This Telit wireless solution is ideal for the factory environment. IIoT can improve efficiency and productivity by integrating technology into traditional IT functions, gaining visibility into your operations and monitoring the condition and performance of your assets, machines, or applications.

devicewise view


Telit deviceWISE VIEW provides a user-friendly way of collecting and visualizing real-time machine data with only a few clicks. This solution gives full SCADA capabilities to the Telit deviceWISE IoT platform.

After collecting your data with this Telit IoT solution, you can transform it and calculate your key performance indicators (KPIs) with Telit deviceWISE View’s visual edge logic engine. Create custom dashboards and HMIs that can be displayed on-premises or in the cloud easily using drag-and-drop widgets.

Visualize your machine data and create custom dashboards and HMIs in only a few clicks to see trends and make more intuitive business decisions. This visualization can also measure and calculate your KPIs.

  • Collect, analyze and visualize your machine data
  • Create dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Transform your data into KPIs
  • No custom code required

Key Features:
Universal industrial platform

Telit deviceWISE View provides full SCADA capabilities to Telit deviceWISE, the world’s most advanced universal industrial IoT platform.

Real-time machine monitoring
Using one of the many drivers available in Telit deviceWISE, you can collect real-time machine data. Telit deviceWISE transforms this data and calculates KPIs using a visual edge logic engine.

Bi-directional control
View data from and send data to processes with bi-directional communication for triggers, operator data input and real-time visualization.

Turn any screen into an HMI
Utilize drag-and-drop widgets in Telit deviceWISE View to build live, visually rich dashboards and HMIs displayed on-premises or in the cloud.

Role-based security displays
Make only the data you want visible to those who need it by assigning roles for security.

No custom code required
Writing custom code is costly and time consuming. Telit deviceWISE makes it easy to connect your factory to your enterprise and value chain to get the data you need. With deviceWISE View, you can then visualize this data using drag-and-drop widgets.

Use Cases of deviceWISE VIEW
deviceVIEW is made for providing real-time manufacturing data on the factory floor. If your machines or processes have issues, you can rely on this up-to-date data to help your team make informed & effective corrective actions as fast as possible. The data identifies patterns and trends to give you insights into your operations & equipment out on your floor, with no coding required.

devicewise cloud


Manage your machines remotely with deviceWISE CLOUD. This Telit IoT solution helps you build your network by providing instant access to tools and resources that accelerate IoT deployment. deviceWISE CLOUD helps you create applications for remote access.

Enjoy remote connectivity advantages and device and data management in the cloud with deviceWISE CLOUD’s browser-based interface. Create digital twins and handle API requests through this software as a service offering. deviceWISE CLOUD enables you to:

Monitor your machines in real time
Real-time data collection gives you accurate predictions and outcome simulations. You can make your machines more profitable with this insight.

Track device performance
Use the connected machine application to create protocols for preventive maintenance and quality control. These tools can prevent issues with your production processes.

Secure remote connection
deviceWISE CLOUD lets you securely connect for troubleshooting, configuration and actuation.

Use Cases of deviceWISE CLOUD
eviceWISE CLOUD helps device and machine builders take advantage of IIoT by reducing the complexity involved with setting up a network and connecting to/monitoring a machine. These insights can drive effective processes and promote uptime.

smart io gateway

Smart IO Gateway

You can create a Telit IoT solution quickly with Smart IO Gateway. The Telit Smart IO Gateway allows you to collect any information from all your existing assets, such as CNCs, PLCs, robots, sensors, DCSs, etc. Your data can be mapped to any database or enterprise application like SAP, IBM or Oracle.

Legacy Machines with No Native Connectivity
Telit Smart IO was specially designed to connect absolutely any equipment that doesn’t have any communication module embedded in it. Through digital and analog ports, you can collect data and actuate in old legacy machines.

Serial Port Only Legacy Machines
Legacy machines with serial ports only once thought to be islands can be connected to Telit’s platform through MTConnect adapters or other modern communications standards.

Ethernet-Ready Machines
In any device that has Ethernet capabilities, the Telit platform will orchestrate data collection, edge logic and enterprise connectivity in a distributed architecture.

What type of information can you get?

  • Data from the machine that may be measuring, counting sorting or from any external sensors
  • Downtime or unscheduled events like manual and emergency stops
  • Machine On/Off times
  • Cycle times (Operator efficiency)
  • Part counts
  • Excessive vibration
  • Over or under temperature
  • Oil/coolant level
  • Tool life
  • Many More...

Use Cases of Smart IO Gateway

The Telit IoT solution Smart IO Gateway can be used for:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of downtime.
  • Integration into a quality control system.
  • Prescriptive, predictive and preventative maintenance.
  • Enterprise integration like MES or ERP connectors.

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Get Your Manufacturing Plant Industrial IoT-Ready with a Telit Starter Package

You’ll see how easy it is to set up all your plant floor devices and instantly pipe data back and forth into your enterprise applications with a Telit Starter Package. It’s the easiest and most seamless way to control how your data flows between the shop floor and top floor.

Quick Start Packaging Contains:

  • 2 Cellular 4G Gateways
  • 2 Asset Gateway Licenses
  • 2 License deviceWISE View
  • 1 Year Support & 10 Hours of direct Training/Consulting

Reach out to the Gibson Engineering Team to learn more about this solution and get pricing today.

Make your Process Industry 4.0 Ready

Take corrective action before issues occur.

With conditional monitoring IoT solutions, manufacturers can prevent damage and reduce maintenance costs by utilizing process information gathered in real-time:

  • Sensors track changes in vibration, temperature and output to detect any issues with corrosion, wear, misalignment, imbalance or lubrication.
  • Service maintenance can automatically be scheduled ahead of time to prevent part failure or system damage.
  • Critical outages and unplanned downtime can be avoided by identifying potential equipment failure.

Improve operational visibility.

The IIoT is revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provide complete operational visibility to allow for real-time decision-making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as new service opportunities. With Telit’s smart manufacturing/Industrial IoT solutions, you can connect any manufacturing asset to any enterprise system vertically and horizontally without programming.

Detect opportunities for improvement.

IoT-enabled condition monitoring solutions give manufacturers the data they need to make smarter decisions about operations. By identifying areas for improvement, manufacturers can boost productivity and efficiency while reducing operational costs:

  • Monitor and analyze machine performance to implement necessary upgrades or enhancements.
  • Prevent the need for costly truck rolls by sending the right supplies when needed.
  • Eliminate the need for excessive inventory of spare parts to reduce downtime.

Prevent unplanned downtime.

After outfitting machines with sensors to monitor abnormalities that can be early indicators for servicing (e.g. temperature changes, vibration, etc.), manufacturers can analyze data to:

  • Maximize equipment uptime by predicting equipment malfunctions before they happen and schedule maintenance ahead of time.
  • Optimize resource management by sending technicians with the right parts at the right time.
  • Improve product quality and reliability to enhance customer satisfaction.

Telit helps you harness the power of the Internet of Things to optimize efficiency, improve productivity and cut costs across your organization. With a wide range of industry applications, our integrated IoT solutions enable you to make more informed business decisions to achieve new levels of operation. Reach out to the Gibson Engineering team to learn more about these IoT solutions, and they can get your factory Industry 4.0 ready today!

Telit deviceWISE™ Wins 2022 IoT Evolution Award

Telit deviceWISE is an industrial IoT platform that allows you dt get your devices and apps to talk to one another. You can connect your enterprise and IoT applications, including those on Amazon, SAP and IBM Watson, without creating custom code. deviceWISE reduces installation and maintenance costs, hastens time to market and offers enhanced security and reduced integration cycles.

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