Robotunits Conveyor Technology: A Complete Guide

Robotunits conveyor technology optimizes conveyor systems for machine builders and manufacturing companies. Robotunits provides customizable and high-quality components to create efficient conveyor units. With a customized conveyor system, you can increase productivity and profitability while saving time, money and energy.

What Is Robotunits Conveyor Technology?

Robotunits conveyor technology automates production processes with high-quality components. Robotunits globally manufactures conveyor systems that support the following technologies and processes:

  • Material handling
  • Conveyor and linear motion technology
  • Machine framing and guarding

Conveyor Systems Offered

Conveyor systems are essential parts of material handling systems. Each conveyor system consists of conveyor material attached to two motorized pulleys, which move in the same direction and at the same speed to move the belt. Conveyor systems move components, materials and supplies efficiently to save time, money and energy in production processes.

Belt Conveyors

Robotunits manufactures belt conveyors companies can use to build flexible conveyor lines. With Robotunits belt conveyors, you can build conveyor lines with longer and wider belts if needed. You can also choose a combination of curved and straight belts with different gradients to meet your production needs. When you build your conveyor lines using Robotunits belt conveyors, you can customize the following features:

  • Belt types
  • Drive options such as direct drive, timing belt drive and center drive
  • Speed
  • Position
  • Flexible side guides
  • Design options such as incline, infeed directions and discharge sections
  • Conveyor stand

Ordering belt conveyors from Robotunits also allows you to choose special features such as cut resistance, low friction and FDA approval.

Powered Roller Conveyor

Powered roller conveyors precisely and efficiently move boxes, totes and containers. They consist of rollers that come in various diameters to meet different production needs, and they are compatible with the Robotunits Modular Automation System. When you build your conveyor system with Robotunits roller conveyors, you can also choose different options for the following features and details:

  • Straight or curved designs
  • Fixed or flexible side guides
  • Support frames
  • Transfer unit angles
  • Turntable rotation angles
  • Lift station levels
  • Speed
  • Roller spacing
  • Conveyed product width
  • Frame width
  • Length

Modular Belt Conveyors

Modular belt conveyors can handle tough applications and transport parts with sharp edges. They can also handle heavy loads and accumulation, allowing them to support various production processes. With Robotunits modular belt conveyors, companies can use a single drive to combine curved, straight and inclined sections for optimal performance.

The specialized design of modular belt conveyors allows them to push products off laterally, and you can customize your conveyor system with the following features and details:

  • Straight or curved design
  • Incline
  • Accumulation sections
  • Drive
  • Speed
  • Width

Timing Belt Conveyors

Timing belt conveyors precisely position and transport heavy or bulky parts. Robotunits manufactures timing belt conveyors with v-guided timing belts to ensure precise tracking.

You can customize timing belt conveyors with various attachments and covers, and you can utilize multi-lane setups using high-quality connection shafts. A patented belt tensioner guarantees consistent belt tension and system reliability. You can customize timing belt conveyors with the following options:

  • Multiple lane options
  • Customizable, expandable and adjustable conveyed goods sizes
  • Different adhesive options
  • Accumulation
  • Frame width
  • Length
  • Drive
  • Speed

Side Guide System

The Side Guide System is compatible with the Modular Automation System, and it can achieve a wide variety of applications with little effort. You can easily mount and adjust the Side Guide System and individually adapt the plastic to your conveyor line. Whether you choose the rigid Side Guide Clip or the adjustable Side Guide Base, you can swivel both variants into the 4 milimeter extrusion's standard T-Slot without tools.

Benefits of Robotunits Conveyor Systems

Benefits of Robotunits Conveyor Systems

Installing a Robotunits conveyor system in your facility allows you to achieve success with the following advantages:

Seamless Integration

Robotunits conveyor systems have seamless integration capabilities with the Robotunits extrusion and Modular Automation Systems quickly and easily. This seamless integration saves you time on system design and assembly so your operations can begin or resume as soon as possible and hardware changes/upgrades are painless.

Highest Quality

Robotunits manufactures the highest quality conveyor systems, belts and accessories. Installing high-quality systems allows machine builders and manufacturing companies to save time and money on design, assembly, logistics, training and storage.

Fastest Delivery Times

You can also expect the fastest delivery times for standard Robotunits conveyor systems. We can customize and produce your conveyor system in as little as five working days, and we ship systems quickly. With just-in-time delivery, you can add a new conveyor system to your facility when you need it. We deliver each conveyor system fully assembled and tested, so it can start working for you upon arrival.

Customized and Ready for Immediate Use

When you work with Robotunits systems, you can customize your belt conveyors, components and accessories to fit your application and company's specifications. Use Robotunits parts and systems to create a conveyor system with straight and curved belts that fit your facility's space requirements.

You can also choose from belt materials with various adhesive properties, payload capabilities, or environmental requirements to handle your products.

Multifunctional and Compatible Accessories

Robotunits accessories are multifunctional, and each accessory is compatible with the full Robotics line. Compatible accessories simplify maintenance and save you time and money on designing and installing your facility's system.

Working With Gibson Engineering for Your Conveyor System

Robotunits conveyor systems and components are customizable, allowing machine builders and manufacturing companies to build their systems according to their needs. Gibson Engineering offers application support for Robotunits conveyor systems. Our experienced team specializes in these high-quality conveyor systems, and we can help you design and build a system that meets your application needs.

At Gibson Engineering, we use a streamlined procedure to offer solutions for our clients and help them build systems to meet regulations and requirements. We can help you configure a custom conveyor system and find application solutions with the following steps:

  • Requirements review
  • Solutions development
  • Production phase
  • Solution delivery

Why Choose Gibson Engineering?

Choosing Gibson Engineering for your conveyor system design and application support can help your company achieve success. Our specialized experience with Robotunits allows us to build systems using the highest quality parts and components with efficiency and accuracy.

We are dedicated to designing and implementing systems with customized solutions that meet our clients' needs. When you work with Gibson Engineering to design and build a custom conveyor system, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A competitive marketplace edge
  • Maximized return on investment (ROI)
  • Increased profitability
  • An easy-to-use system
  • Reduced risk

Gibson Engineering offers a wide variety of services. You can trust Gibson Engineering to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Machine framing
  • Machine control
  • Machine vision
  • Machine safeguarding
  • Robotics
  • Motion control
  • Pneumatics
  • Sensors
  • Packaging controls services
  • Integration and installation
  • Engineering consultation
Contact Gibson Engineering Today

Contact Gibson Engineering Today

Gibson Engineering offers expertise and application support for Robotunits conveyor systems. We can provide automation solutions and help your company design and build systems to meet your application needs. Contact Gibson Engineering to learn more about how our services can help you increase productivity, profitability and competitiveness within your company.