Flexxbotics aims to optimize colloborative robot changeover through intuitive software/hardware robot productivity tools. Your operators can adapt to changing demand… why should robots be any different. Our experience with over 125 installs in 3 continents has shown us manufacturers want more out of their cobots. At Flexxbotics, we are here to deliver to just that.

Gibson Engineering is authorized to sell Flexxbotics products in the New Jersey, Long Island/ Hudson Valley area of New York, Maryland, and Delaware area.

Flexxbotics Product Structure

Flexx Reference

The Flexx Reference is a robotic software/hardware 6-degree offset tool that makes any Universal Robot flexible. Eliminate the need to tirelessly update robot waypoints/moves any time your robotic work cell shifts. The intuitive interface and easy locking mechanism allows any operator to conduct a robot redeployment.

Flexx Beacon Enabled

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Flexx Beacon

Flexx Beacon provides bluetooth communication/proximity scanning between your Universal Robot and your manufacturing work cell. Give your operators a repeatable and efficient process when your robot experiences job changeover.

Flexx Beacon Help

Download the Flexx Connect Brochure


Financial Benefits of a Mobile Collaborative Robot

Collaborative robots have opened the door for novel and innovative ways to automate a facility. From welding, polishing, dispensing, machine tending and more, cobots have expanded the way end users can utilize 6 axis robots. Cobots have introduced an entirely new way to apply 6 axis robotic arms; mobile redeployment. Their relatively easy programming and lightweight nature have laid the framework for end users to physically move the robot from one machine to another. Gone are the days of purchasing a robot, planting it in front of a job and repurposing your operators to other non-automated jobs.

So what exactly are the financial benefits a mobile 6 axis robot can provide in your facility as a business owner or floor manager? Consider the simple example of two machines (Machine A and Machine B) and one robot on Machine A.


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