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Epson Robot Programming Core01


The focus of this class is using the CV series Vision Controller in RC+ to be able to quickly and easily add Vision to your Epson Robot Project. Epson's Core Vision Guide programming class covers commands used on current software releases 7.0 on RC90, RC700A, VT and T series controllers.

Who should attend

Anyone who is responsible for production, quality, automation, maintenance, and system integration or engineering in a manufacturing environment.


Topics covered include:
  • Steps involved in a creating Vision Guide Solution
  • Sequences, Objects, Properties and Results
  • Lighting and Optics
  • SPEL+ commands such as VRUN, VGET, VSET
  • Coordinate Systems and Calibration as well as using TOOL/TLSET commands
  • Using various vision objects such as Blob Objects, Correlation Objects, Polar Objects, Point and Line Objects, and Edge Objects

Each day will be a mix of presentation and hands on labs using the RC+ Software to reinforce concepts discussed by the instructor and give practical experience with real robots.

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Epson Robot Vision Guide Programming


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Epson Robot Vision Guide Programming


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